Campus under fire

צילום: דובר צה”ל

As far as Israel’s borders and that joint security forces of Kriya practice base emergency scenario. Among the scenarios: personal injury, motorcycle bombing and terrorist infiltration into the base.

תאריך: 09/08/2015, 10:31    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

Persona, escorted by motorcade and security forces entered the General staff base. While the convoy coming into the IDF’s operations, “campus” located in the center of Tel Aviv, Cole explosion sounds. The charger on and top personalities.  “There was an explosion in חמ”ל, Stargate, Rabin, received calls from security forces soldier of the base, a few seconds after the blast.

This horror scenario practiced lately popular base in front of azrieli Center and a few meters from the pit from which IDF operations managed the largest, practiced all the relevant forces how to deal with an emergency scenario as far out of bounds and that the joint exercise called “hands” integration and cooperation between security forces, the Ministry of Defense, personal security and medical forces, צה”ליים
In cooperation with the Israel Police, sabotage, and fire.

This is the ninth time in the last four years, including an emergency scenario and practice cooperation between the forces to work together in every event. “Every exercise we focus on another layout. This time we chose to focus on the specific notice and this particular gateway “,
Told the IDF site a popular base, Colonel Yigal Ben Ami.

“Doing the exercise scenario possible.”

With the beginning of the exercise, blocked a bridge crossing point from azrieli Center connects to the adjacent Mall and central place became a battle zone. The same scenario
Practice forces is complex, and personal impact explosive sound two senior
A-shaking one. A motorcycle parked nearby exploded and injured the amount is dozens of soldiers and civilians, as initial shmbdica indicate that among the casualties.

But the scenario just gets on with the early treatment of injured, security forces who believe that managed to take on the terrorists, that were wrong. One of the terrorists responsible for the attack failed to penetrate the base and tank on the first floor of a building in the base. “With the security cameras were followed by security forces and were able to disarm him,” said the Commander. “The forces able to resist and thwart the threat”.

Campus under fire

Photo: IDF

A penetration into one of the most sensitive IDF bases is critical to it the amochnot scenario. “Doing the exercise scenario possible.
-This is something that can happen and we need to be prepared, “Colonel Ben Ami. In January this year stabbing took place on a bus in the heart of Tel Aviv, not far away from campus.
The fear of attacks in the region exists, and last year published a number of alerts.

A strategic objective and popular as its security forces is the responsibility to be the first on the scene and to thwart any possible attacks.
Similar scenario practiced, many important personal and pass through its gates daily.
“This scenario is relevant to any secure personality that entered the General staff base. Just recently visited here Greece’s defence ministers and military Secretary to United States “, said Colonel Ben Ami.

Translated from Hebrew