Caught a terrorist squad who tried to commit suicide hijacking of Benjamin

ISA claim that the squad has made several attempts to kidnap Israeli civilians, in aggravating circumstances, bargaining for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

תאריך: 02/05/2012, 13:18    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

An indictment filed recently against a terrorist squad members were nine Palestinians from Ramallah guilty that she tried to commit suicide hijacking last March, against civilians in Beit El area that allowed bnimin so today (Sunday).

The squad has made a number of attempts for aggravated kidnapping of Israeli citizens,
To bargaining for the release of Palestinian prisoners. The squad was arrested in cooperation between States, the IDF and Israel Police.

On October 11, 2012 – the terrorists attacked an Israeli motorist traveling in the afternoons, from Rantis towards Kiryat Sefer near the Beit Aryeh. Squad members blocked the car and tried to pull the driver out of the car, but he managed to escape.

On December 12, 2012 – attacked the terrorists Israeli leadership that was in the driveway to the settlement of Ma’ale Levona. Squad members blocked the path of the vehicle and tried to smash the mshtav
Using blunt objects, but the driver managed to escape with her car.

On September 15, 2012 – attacked the terrorists Israeli leadership, who was traveling with her infant daughter, shortly after midnight from Asaf to Bethel. The terrorists were able to block the car and smashing the front mshtho with blunt objects, but fled with the arrival of another Israeli.

Squad members, affiliated with the popular front for the liberation of Palestine “(חז”ע), held in preparation for carrying out the bombings with purchases of Taser, pepper spray, batons and gun lighter, looks like a real gun. The squad used a spotter, who warned her.
On approaching vehicles. The kidnap they planned to hide in a cave or in a safe house in Ramallah, and were planning to kidnap and take to upload your movie to the Web to promote the release.

Members of the squad are attributed additional attempts to commit a kidnapping. One of them, which took place during the month of March, the members of the cell in two Israelis who want to ride in a fuel station of mishor Adumim. The terrorists stopped their car and one of the two Israelis almost up to the car, but his friend stopped him. The arrest led to prevention aims to experiment more to implement terrorist attacks.

In the first half of may 2012 submitted to the military court in Judea charges against the Mayor, Mohammad Ramadan (May 6), and involved others, they played several transfers, particularly kidnapping attempts in aggravated circumstances.

ISA emphasize and caution that this exposure and illustrates the high motivation of the terrorist organizations to carry out kidnapping, attacks and threat of threat thereof “.

Translated from Hebrew