Champion 9 Office as Commander Southern command; replaces champion Tal Russo

טקס החילופים. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Gen. Tal Russo finished the job after two and a half years of significant challenges from Gaza and Egypt border

תאריך: 04/04/2013, 18:33    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

In an emotional ceremony that took place today in the southern command, the central command Commander separately over the past two and a half years, General Tal Russo. Rousseau replaces champion champion (Sammy) turgeman, his previous position as the Commander of GoC army headquarters.

“Before our eyes has changed the landscape of the command and we had to adjust, to build and run the opposite forces learn from threats,” said the Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz. “In the face of these challenges, paved the way for and aimed it expertly, as we only know talent when navigation, refer to Rousseau in his speech.

“The fighters and forces the cycle management and escalation in Gaza in years.
To the command set bshias for operation “, and pillar for the construction of the fence at the border, Egypt completed the period indicates a real determination, devotion and mission understanding national importance,” added Chief.

“In the last two and a half years we were many and varied challenges from Gaza and the western border of the Afghan army in a list, including hourglass project, yielding
Immigration and responding to hostile terrorist activity, “said Gen. Rosso speech. “Dealing with the change in meaning and give an appropriate response, reinforcing divisions and ready units for future challenges.

“In recent days we learned the high sensitivity of the South sector”

“The day I get myself in the role of” sacrosanct, said in his speech, 9 champion “First I want to thank Gen. Tal Russo on his period in Office. Period hatapiina in creative and operational scope. A period rife with challenges which yum manifests itself in operation ‘ pillar ‘ and the closing of the Western frontier and building many significant force. “

“The past few years, and the last few days, taught us the sensitivity of
The southern districts and its impact on the confidence and sense of security in many parts of the country, “he added. “Privilege fell to ordered southern command. The command is
In the operational front and wide and varied activities that reveals new threats and old, near and far from placing before us a complex reality. This reality underscores our commitment to success in an important mission – security for the residents. Do
Every effort to exercise calmness in Gaza. “

“I’m ending 35 years of army service, released for the fourth time and this time telling myself it”, said Gen. Rosso. “She had the right to be in a major role at the forefront of fighting all showdown – from the first Lebanon war, operation” pillar “OC”.

“The latest positions as Commander Southern command was no more, over a military unit, but a special connection and power than residents for its faith in the righteousness of way, leading the settlement enterprise, which is a model for success in many areas,” explained Gen. Rosso. “Unfortunately we knew even adverse events in the sector, and
Bitter taste of defending the country. We are determined to meet the mission which left him a fall – continue to build and fortify the security of the State of Israel. “

“I feel a lot of satisfaction when you finish the job,” said Gen. Rosso IDF website, “my feelings are very good, I’m glad with the Bedouin population in the Negev, close the western border with Egypt and operation pillar” results.

“The Middle East is changing and with it also rapidly and with the types of threats facing the country. There is no doubt that the future time many challenges and I am convinced of the strength of the IDF southern command as a whole “, said Gen. Rosso.

Translated from Hebrew