Changing inlay: youth guide to the recruitment bureaus responsibility

אכ”א-led move is expected to strengthen the field army facing the youth. The Commander, Colonel Gil Ben shaoul: “your professionalism will ensure our success.”

תאריך: 26/08/2013, 13:34    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

חיל החינוך והנוער
לשכת גיוס

Dozens of youth guides (4) information transferred from (teachers, גדנ”ע, נח”ל and legions of CA) education force holding unit is carefully Planning Division and personnel Manager (חתומכ”א).  It continued to advance, אכ”א Ali love, champion and joint staff recommendations to IDF Planning Division and for McKinsey Company” in terms of cargo value.

The move was carried out as part of the effort to strengthen חתומכ”א in
Preparation, encouraging the recruitment and the exhaustion. אכ”א head set that spatial youth instructors and ktsiniham, who were subject to far-to be transferred to the Division and will henceforth subject to the commanders.

Teen spread guides
In light of the schools and various education throughout the country and are loyal
About preparing youth for service in the IDF, they have Israeli preparation tasks for Bnei
Youth outreach activities and for training to increase customer service and help prospective contacted the IDF officials and deliberations in preparation for the draft.

Array command, Colonel Yael Hess, the transfer of the importance of human resources. “The IDF’s existence is not a value in itself and is intended to ensure the State security against the threats directed against her. This cannot be achieved without the human element, “Colonel Hess stressed. Referring to the change in question stated that “this is our attempt to give a new interpretation and make what we do so far more effectively, more accurate and more complete – under the encouragement of recruitment”.

She mentioned in a jungle headquarters that the interface between the best alignment will continue to exist, as Northern education will still be the guiding factor in the educational and ethical aspects. “When you look at Soloman (nominated for service — r. f.) as a person with special needs, abilities and desires – the process is done correctly. So we can ensure better quality recruitment and resilience of the people during the service, “Colonel Hess summed.

The Commander, Colonel Gil Ben shaoul, received the command.
On behalf of the meter unit. “We will continue to work within the framework of the preparation for service in the Israel Defense Forces,
Indicate to participants in the ceremony, adding: “remember that you’re dealing with
Soloman as directed and decides on one of the nodes in all Israeli boy and girl “.

His speech addressed well Chief also faced challenges in recruitment by the IDF to light escaping data. “This time it takes a strong army, and competent to the task of protecting the country. We must make the best youth — our human resources, so keep in mind that for every student, teacher and administrator – you face of IDF Colonel, said Ben shaoul. “Give attention to every person, and your skills, experience and ktsoaiotchm – our success is guaranteed,” he concluded.

Recruitment Bureau headquarters in Beersheba, Lt. Col. alffa, explained the significance of the move. “In this way we can get closer to the community, to get to and the volume of information even outside recruiting offices – among educators and parents,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Alon. “Circular effect of preparation to expand recruitment and professional information to youth and increase motivation. As a shmlsh briefed and know where it comes from – it is expected to be a better soldier and know to make it better, “summed up.

Translated from Hebrew