Chanuka Sukkah: Cpl. Eli Mitchell up and don’t let Australia

Many warriors finish military service in South America or Australia. CPL. Mitchell made the complete opposite way – and chose to make aliyah and join the army

תאריך: 07/10/2012, 14:17    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

While the set of many youngsters in Israel is mobilizing the army and then a trip across Australia, cpl. Eli Mitchell did the reverse. Corporal
Mitchell is in the company of a battalion “granite” in place, which cost alone of Australia 18 months ago, when one stands in front of police-to serve as a soldier in combat and defend the State of Israel.

Mitchell (20), מ”כים course this week, Australia increased in January 2011 and enlisted to November 11 of stream. After being adopted by a family adopts Kibbutz ma’agan Michael, left to live with a partner, with his family, except his older brother who lives in Australia, left. His parents, who were born in Australia, raised in
1997 and returned to Australia in 2004, and during those years he studied corporal Mitchell the premier who said in Hebrew.

“I grew up here a couple of years ago I realized the importance of mobilizing the army,” said cpl. Mitchell. “When I finished 12th grade in school and thinking about the future and I want to do, I realized it was time to go.” Mitchell, whose extended family lives in Australia, is the first of the family to join. Big brother also came after him a few months later.

Where does the desire to raise? The Warrior that raised religious and another child, educated by his father that despite the distance, would have to contribute in any way to Israel,
Whether national or military service. “My father always believed that don’t help us to pray for Israel, but we have to find the appropriate way for us to authentically country.”

In addition to the influence of his father, the nachlaovi member from Australia who joined his regiment.
“Granite” and that have spurred him to join the battalion intended, saying that where people who are similar to me. Also, when he visited his military service corporal Mitchell once in Australia, the only other time it has seen his parents since his arrival.

He enlisted in October 2011, past boot camp in oak farm base for three weeks and then joined the Regiment, and now, off to מ”כים class.
“Basic and advanced training I’ve done things that I never imagined I would do,” he says,
This experience was very significant in my service, and I feel that’s where I met friends for life. The brotherhood between us was incredible, help each other and existence made contact I
Sure you stay forever. “

“People around me asking me why I’m here and I am always the same answer-I feel it’s something I had to do. I feel that I really appreciate
What I’m doing, “he describes. Responses at the Mitchell is very prganot. “Of course some mother worried, like any mom, and dad are very happy to come true what he raised me to him,” he added, “my grandfather is a Holocaust survivor, very proud of my choice to give to Israel.

The holidays for the individual soldier is not an easy thing. While the parents and brothers dining holiday breakfast together, celebrating soldier far from everyone and differently than he used to. However, cpl. Mitchell holidays remain a very happy. Usually, when a servant of נח”ל, no closing at Geddes, are celebrating together with members of a family in HoD Hasharon, and when it closes he celebrates with his adoptive family. Which burn in memory of cpl. Mitchell is his family tradition of his father and uncle, who used to build along the leafy input. 5 meters by 3 meters of wood in the House.

He lived in Israel for the past two years, login here. “I keep running into people who want to contribute and help, especially for lone soldiers, which is exciting.
My adoptive family is taking all of the Studio in Michael two soldiers “.
“The heat between the people of Israel is very special. Just a week ago I was at the event to lone soldiers in the regiment and one woman passed between us all and asked someone there is no place to celebrate the holiday, which is something that only could happen here. ” The IDF favorite, cpl. Mitchell is the fraternity. “I really feel that I’ve made lifelong friends, and some people even plan to come back with me to Australia and stroll along the army’s trip.

Translated from Hebrew