Chanuka Sukkah: Manuel lay up front service Argentina information

Manuel, enough for a few months in the army to enlist in school and work.
With tyre, the informational tool for millions of people to whom “soldier” is a curse. Another project in isolate ushpizin

תאריך: 08/10/2012, 21:18    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Private Manuel lay took on a difficult challenge. He’s only 21 and up
The land just over a year ago from Rosario, Argentina. Today it develops for the IDF, along with a group of other soldiers, for one of the scenes of hostility.
-Internet information IDF for huge crowds almost has been investigated in the IDF spokesperson speaking Spanish.

Tell me about your start in the military.

I started the service in monthly assistance force being placed in jobs on the line, I found myself in any role, assisting the medical committees to “several years”. I did not know
To book, but understood my situation and anger me. I went to boot camp at Camp 80.
There were a lot of difficult populations, people who dragged them away because they refused to enlist.
I came from the world of education, always, and I took the challenge and try to help.
Them through boot camp in the best shape, placed them sample. Was I really liked-had a very frustrated class beginning with the frame and was even
Anti her. Me and some guys tried to show, through example, that can otherwise give him and show him that Greece should and it paid off, and he graduated as a Wrangler
. I think that some of the reasons you gave me but company masterpiece that just described is not worth anything.

To the touch?

After boot camp was sent to a Navy quartermaster. The screening officer saw it’s position using my skills and transferred me to be that finding and sorting units
Volunteering-work vs. Soloman tyre’s, boats and captains. I was in the Navy and told people about the team building and the operators told them if they passed the examinations and was responsible for the relationship between the units.
It was fun to work with, but only like 3 hours was not easy to tell people who had years to get into elite units like the ones that are not. Need to know how to break it to them without downloading them the motivation, to convince them that there are plenty of things they can do. There was, for example, air force captain who decided at some point that he wanted to go to the Navy, a man long familiar with the system, and it was amazing to see him at sorts with 17-year-olds.

Chanuka Sukkah: Manuel lay up front service Argentina information

Tell me about your work today.

I went to University in Argentina cinema, media and graphic design and wanted to make the movie, but it didn’t work out with sorts, then referred me to a new media section (the IDF responsible for military activities in the media today: social networking-a. s.) needed him knowing languages, and from that moment it was. It also contains the technical world I come from, editing and cinematography, but also much more than that it integrates both the information and the content and technical education. After I got
The IDF spokesperson and pulled me out of the Navy, we challenge the audience speaks Spanish. This huge audience, the language most spoken in the other world, and tough crowd. Mostly focused on South America and cultural-historically they have a big delay.
“Soldier” is a curse. You can hear people yelling “who shows not the soldier” pop-up.
The combination of it with the public has also many antisemitic anti-Zionist especially challenging.
I’m also sure even my family, the military dictatorships in Argentina, discourages my service, although it is clear they know a very different army and I are very different, but it’s still hard after they themselves had to flee from soldiers who entered their house and tried to chase after them.

Until now there was no comprehensive Spanish activity in the IDF, and had to open
The head of the people itself. There’s a new audience. The big challenge is that you don’t really
No materials do research, yet we do it all almost from scratch. Basically
Said, three soldiers currently reaching Division in recent weeks, “you have all the options-do”. Ask us to open any Internet platforms, explore
What messages are appropriate to audience, etc. It’s very exciting, and explain to people in arntigna asking me what I was doing in the military I make tools that can explain what the IDF is doing, and tell them I build and develop something new. Tools we have in the army and I was the one who initiates the construction of this thing. Already a few weeks to run these Twitter page YouTube page to build and prepare content for the site. Did a lot of research about who is the target audience, talked to a lot of people we knew, we sought the opinion of writers of Jewish communities, etc.

What led you to go?

Rose from Zionism, inconclusive. I have no intention to move. It wasn’t easy to leave behind family, friends, life, culture, traditions, and starting from scratch. I was young at the youth movement Habonim Dror and did about any possible role, I guess that’s where I got most of my Zionism, Zionism is active, not sit on foot.
Since I was 12, I knew I was going to go to Israel, but there have been occasional experiences that strengthened it. The increase at Hanukkah, a time when it was at Christmas, I sat with my girlfriend and we light show of fountains dancing about. I came from a religious House, lit candles at Hanukkah, but I sat there, on the Lakeside, and everybody sang Christmas songs, and it cost me the question “Why can’t I hear Hanukkah songs in country where I am? ‘ Don’t mention my culture. It just enhanced the understanding it’s not my place, not wanting to be where I need to justify to everyone that I was Jewish.
I want to live my Judaism where I can open it without delay to explain to everyone why I have a right to exist as a Jewish State. At the same time as spontaneous protest just took a stick, sat by the Lake, I waved and sang Chanukah songs. This is just another feeling greater store of accumulated reason to immigrate to Israel.

How are you celebrating the holidays in Argentina?

I came from a completely secular, all religion in the House came from me and my brother through the youth movements. It was religion but secular. I never listened to the recommendations of security officials said no to carrying on a t-shirt, Jewish symbols or things like that, it might have been a bit hasty, but as far as I’m concerned there is no reason to hide, and we need to get people to see it.

And this year?

Today I’m very connected to Judaism-Judaism not. I look at what I can.
Learn today from the holidays, even if it means changing habits and adapt them myself.
Judaism is something very educational values and looking somehow too. We have a bunch mostly newcomers, friends of friends, some of them I know more of Argentina, having sex holidays-secular arrangements we are talking about the essence of the holiday, discuss and argue and learn from secular sources and critical and build a different meaning. For example, at the last Passover seder prepared alternative Bowl. And Sukkot will likely meet, sit and do night continue to take Judaism and adapt it and build her world we taught him as much as possible.

Translated from Hebrew