Chanuka Sukkah: private Diego up Argentina to place

PFC Diego Javier algert immigrated as a result of a bet with a friend.
Now after his beret resting, he explains that military service is part of his duties as a Jew

תאריך: 04/10/2012, 17:24    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

PFC Diego Javier algert rose last year from Argentina to join. Private algert, 23, finished just a few days ago the his beret resting Division and is in alpha company of the regiment “Shaham” “I went to Israel in the wake of one of my friends, it’s a deal if I’m embarased-him, told private algert. February 2012 joined the Division.

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Tell us about your decision to go abroad and recruiting.

“Country in July 2011. When I finished school I was 18 in 2007 and came into the program for five months on behalf of the project of travel agency. It was the first time I was in Israel and I really loved it. I told myself if I didn’t find myself in Argentina at the end of the year I’m going abroad, “explained corporal algert.
Over time, a few years later, one of his friends decided he wanted to go to Israel, and he rose in influence.

What were the reactions to immigration, and who influenced you to immigrate to Israel?

“Argentina lived with both my parents and my sister, who is 18. She’s too.
Now, not cost, but traveling. She considers the cost to the country and is located in the program of Sage at Heathrow told private algert. Later, the final decision that led her to immigrate to Israel to join. “I flew with a friend to Peru and during our stay there, he said he flew to Israel soon, where he decides if he wants to go. I told him ‘ If you go – get even. One day he called me.
And told me that it costs, as simply and quickly, “noted corporal algert, adding that” my family took the idea. Talked about it a lot and they understood my desire. “

Have you ever encountered the effects of anti-Semitism in Argentina, which strengthened the desire to get

“Jewish communities in Argentina have kind of volunteers guarding the safety — young as ages 15-17. They practice, learn Krav Maga and all holiday stand on guard of the synagogues and in the streets, in order not to hurt people, “revealed private algert. “Had some violence,” he added.

Who helps you in the process of aliyah and the army draft?

“Aliya enterprise program Nefesh, and currently I live in Kibbutz maagan Michael in embraces,” explained corporal algert. The organization runs a program for individual cost-sharing organization in the us, friend and together they take care of well-being, improve their quality of life and to guarantee their future. Comprehensive support is provided at all stages of Israel before and during military service, and growth alive in Israel even after military service. Some of the perks they get lone soldiers training olim baskets each quarter, adopting families and financial aid. The two organizations devote themselves to the welfare of soldiers to Israel and removing barriers that may stand in front of them.

How did you learn Hebrew?

“The basic Hebrew learned at elementary school in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.
When I did land a three-week boot camp in protest, during which I enhanced my
The Hebrew “private, algert.

How people respond to rising land and raising the army?

“When I was in basic training when I was 22, and they were 18. Because I was the eldest among them told them they could come to me with any problem, and everybody laughed at me. On the way
This rule works backwards, because immigrants are the ones who seek help. In total we helped each
Both boot and protested the was really fun, “explained corporal algert.

People who encountered them in the country support the decision, despite hearing advice which would have been longer if he stayed in Argentina. “Everybody supports it, but don’t understand why I went.
I explained that fun to travel in Argentina, but I think you have no future. I hope
I have future language. People who actually live here good investors eventually, introduced private access rare not Zionist algert hear everyday.

Do you recall an interesting or unique experience that affected your army draft?

“When I was here I was 18 before conscription, during one of our tasks, we went to mount Herzl. Bring some soldiers joined us for tours and weekends. Mount Herzl saw two adults open chairs and sitting near the grave of one – and one, probably the father began to read white paper. It was an image request. One of the soldiers that we had said, ‘ I’m a soldier, I’m not fighting because I want to kill
People but about the country and my family, “said corporal algert. From that moment, he realized that he wanted to serve in the IDF. “I had the obligation to do it, but then I realized the bottom row it is my duty,” said corporal algert.

Where are you celebrating Sukkot?

“On this basis, I’ve been here the last week in training. We ate a big meal and shared in the dining room, “noted corporal algert. In Argentina, algert PFC guide on youth movement, and said that when they were building a Sukkah at home too.

In summary: what’s your favorite thing in Israel and the IDF?

“The thing I love most in Israel is, because we have a very beautiful country,” said corporal algert. And what else? Hummus and shawarma. “Israel can you barbecue but it will never be like Argentina, but Argentina can’t eat hummus in Israel as” private, algert. Favorite thing is in his class. “I love the guys with me. My best friend from training leave soon for further training in the Navy, but I believe we can stay in touch, “concluded private algert.

Translated from Hebrew