Chanuka Sukkah: Sgt. Akbar obooitz rose from New York bound for Gaza

The obooitz, who won the last Gaza Division honors for his role as Gentoo Manager (mobile military treatment) in sector, explains why he chose to serve in the IDF, “wanted to contribute to the Jewish State, which is also my country.”

תאריך: 05/10/2012, 16:15    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

If you were saying before 3 cm Akbar obooitz, who immigrated from New York City to study changes in the Holy Land, within a short period of time to find himself responsible for healthcare in operational actions in Gaza, it was hard to believe. Last month he won the Gaza Division honors for his role as Gentoo Manager (mobile military treatment) in the sector, and now he’s interviewed IDF website as part of a project to honor ushpizin.

What made you join?

“It was so sudden, so the family was surprised. I came to Israel to attend a meeting, and my friend who was with him at the Fire Department decided to enlist. I was a paramedic, and wanted to use it to help my second country. I have two States, a State in which I live, and also when I back out and the State of
The Jews, it’s my country too, and wanted to donate her. “

Tell us about the beginning of your service.

A happy, where I went and learned Hebrew, too. I was supposed to serve a year and a half in service (volunteer abroad? ‘). Then they told me to be prdemik have to sign for three years. It’s not a simple decision to sign for another year and a half,
I was 22, I knew that when I finish I’ll be 25, and it’s not even something that was in my plans. But now when I release no regrets. “

To the touch after preparation prdmikim course?

“I got 13 of Golani Regiment there was a paramedic. One of the reasons I wanted to go was to become a serious man and an older man, and I feel like work.
The 13th fighter boosted me a lot as a person and made me more responsible. Then, in January, moved into Gaza Division where I serve as the on-call staff supervisor in Gentoo (ICU military). We are on every event that happens to pop up in sector-shooting or have
Penetrating the fence I’m joining the team and whether injured gives them. I am also responsible for accidents or rocket-I recently dealt with a blow as a result of a rocket car. Also if anyone just feel bad and needs a senior therapist so I got to attend-this is appendicitis, stomach problems and heart arrhythmia. One of the main things we’re treating them is to shoot infiltrators from Egypt. It’s not an easy job, it’s something difficult, need him a lot, and know that there are many
Difficulties, but I don’t regret that came and contributed, not complaining.

And this role you acquitted.

“Yes, Rosh Hashana received best Division and my parents came especially for United States. Then I spent new year’s Eve which was really nice. There was no special sales event that lead to excellence, they just said I did a very good fact and everybody’s looking at me and wants to be me “.

And how you spend your holiday?

Adoptive family got me those three years in Efrat. With the holiday.
And a religious man I sleep in the Sukkah and deliver other customs. In the United States celebrate the holidays together, not been easy here anyway, when the battalion was hard to meet people because of language. But on Sunday I closed it’s Chief to make us the right and although offered me a home I realized it would be a unique experience and I stayed and it was very familial experience. It’s something that I understood the first time when I had a problem with the phone because the language was hard to arrange it so the Chief went with me to the store and phones, and spoke with them and explained what exactly am I paying I felt what it’s like to be in the military and what is to be the best control. I also have here within the military family “.

Translated from Hebrew