Charge head: Assad will not survive the revolt, even if it takes more time.

Gen. Aviv kochavi message security overview before the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset. Estimates that the Golan Heights area could develop into terrorist scene, similar
To Sinai. Presented evidence that Assad is “brutal.”

תאריך: 17/07/2012, 13:38    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Head of IDF intelligence, Gen. Aviv kochavi, said today (Tuesday) a security review before the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset, and was referring primarily to do the Syrian arena. Charge head estimated that “Assad doesn’t survive the revolt, even if it takes more time.”

Referring to the Syrian arena added 13,000 head charge that soldiers and officers defected from the army.
Syria and between 60 to 70 senior Syrian officers were eliminated by the opposition.
Charge evaluation talk about opposition attacks on strategic installations of the Government, including military and police forces, Government and political figures. “We don’t recognize organized opposition tries to lead the uprising. There is a multitude of different groups including “ideology, gave said, further described how Assad, according to
Satellite photos, direct artillery aimed at population centers. “The Syrian army is the most brutal, indicating despair because they can’t find an effective solution because of suppression of the riots, estimated.

Planetary champion noted that Nasrallah and Iran held the day after the fall of the Assad regime, there is concern in the obvious strategic weapons from Syria to leakage. Esteem in Lebanon currently has between 70 to 80 thousand rockets that can reach Israel. The rocket smuggling from Iran to Lebanon. However claimed that “the possibility of Israel’s conflict with Syria, a country she’s unlikely, even as a last resort of Assad. Charge head further noted that “Assad took many of his powers from the Golan to Damascus area that is not afraid of confrontation with Israel.”

The champion expressed concerns over making the Golan to terrorism like the Chinese scene. “In recent times prevented more than 10 fatal attacks infrastructures. Sinai is a secondary priority in the agenda of Egypt and nowadays takes place on axes
Infrastructure of terrorist attacks, “added the top charge.

“Egypt is a struggle and we are in the Middle, between the army and Islamists. Since the upheaval, Iran seeks to close and to affect Egypt, but at this point it gets cold shoulder. As part of the Muslim brothers in Egypt, there is a significant rapprochement with Hamas, the Palestinian Authority’s expense. Hamas opened the gate and up the wall, “said Major General Committee members with stars.

Translated from Hebrew