Charge head obituary to RA (Ret) Lipkin-Shahak: mixed personal and special. “

In honor of memorial day to the death of Lt. General (Ret.) Amnon Peking-play, he gave the eulogy, Mayor Gen. Aviv kochavi “touched in all walk
The people. We’re here to tell you, we are your soldiers. “

תאריך: 18/01/2013, 16:10    
מחבר: האלוף אביב כוכבי

We stand here today. Family, friends and soldiers from all periods, from all circles of life. And you, Sir, once again. We identify, attract, and say we are men.

Anyone who commanded the soldiers and were only a candle, know all the standards, the soldiers is considered from the premiere. Tormented men, represent
Decades, and war, a reflection of life-between all the nodes known bleeding the State of Israel.

One of them became more considerable ichrotino. Grant me Colonel ranks and sent me to the land of Lebanon. There, in depth security area, I got to know you visit:, listener, but demanding and requires. Looking at reality calmly, professionally, through lenses painted with rich experience and know how to convert the colours of the events of those days, mild pastel colours.

Actually, a combination of experience and personality, they gave her of wisdom and judgment. These are features that immediately spoke to us commanders. Once you have identified that proportionality and sensitivity to the constraints present situation judgment that you are running, increased the level of trust and appreciation that you purchased. It was the first to order up on each control: “fun, fun,” demands.

Then, at the end of the visit, as you review your compactor and listed a number of short phrases, Honen, accurate, touching the main scorers at hand. Shooting the past and ignoring the attack.

Rgushtiich seemed too compressed, once reserved for yourself, serve Privacy mechanism, or to maintain a certain distance from events, so that decisions about the purity of interest only. Only one saw hoop self-control you cut yourself cracked regarding values were violated.

A very similar feelings were discussed, the IDF gave and the Middle East.
The complexity of the situation and has new model easier. You have mirrored a thought, not pretentious, but being determined as yourself took many years before, and actually spoke the essence of your attitude: “I’m not sure it’s the right way. Maybe we can go
Another. But I know two things: a clear and sympathetic way, and I know experience
To follow and to lead it. “

Joined paratrooper school many years later that the troops. Leave remaining, but division name resonates like caught between the tops of eucalyptus trees.
So. And today, the wisdom of crowds suit eucalyptus, rigged the personality who knew
Identify and civism have been overlooked and you! Walk in all the people touched by that accompanied the breakup you, drinking in every word that was thirsty you testified about himself as much as you.

If someone made a mistake to think that the material that won, defeating the superficial values the standing and the increased image example, Mane stlkothch daily rain, washing off the dust Abel, unveiled and everyone of them important things: honesty, courage, and wisdom. They will recognize that all those grieving and select you as a role model.

Tali, kids and family find comfort in that. In evaluating his subordinates, loved the people, the friends, and in fact all Amnon represents is some of you forever.
We gather here, soldiers from all periods, to salute and say, Sir, we’re men.

Translated from Hebrew