An investigation revealed that 18 residents of South sold to an undercover agent 14 IEDs and five months nshkmullch tool ran the main unit (ימ”ר) of Israel
A long and intensive investigation in which earlier this month arrested 18 suspects, including a student of Criminology
And a soldier.

Working undercover in the South of the country among drug dealers and weapons procurement 14 IEDs and five tool
“Weapons” and Carl Gustav to collect infrastructure
Evidence against gang members, mrbita consists of residents of the South. With the arrest of the suspects they were
The investigation and the detention unit was extended periodically.

During interrogation, followed by State Attorney
South and in cooperation with the IDF and questioning the military police
(Cello), formulated in evidentiary investigation, whether drug trafficking offences, trafficking in
And other offenses.

Highway patrol
Israel deals including the targeted touch weapons of different kinds by criminal elements using means
Those for damage to opponents.

State Attorney
South is expected to file today (Mon) charge at Beersheba District Court against most
The suspects in the case.

Translated from Hebrew