“Chef” viewers post Saturday: Israeli recipe straight from the field.

צילומים: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל. איור: ג’ס בן-ארוש, דובר צה”ל

Forgot aloff and tuna and start to preheat the oven: IDF site is gathering for you the recipes of the best cooks around. Today on the menu: Cordon Bleu cooked kosher tortilla.

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

“A postcard out to operational missions, ambush or patrol, and he was 7, he performs the same task in the best possible way-if not coming seven, hurt”-this sentence is a Moto for the troop’s brigades Haruv “Kfir Brigade, which is currently in the post” watching “settlement, and makes him from morning to night. From omelets with your choice of meat, stuffed tortillas way to fluffy chocolate pie-all of them can only dream warriors during the ambush on the source of Judea and Samaria, they could find stationed or directly in Turkey. That as the shamtbach complex — four battalions, and dozens of former fighters now cook for their friends, and understand how important food nutrient for protesting stomach stomach of hunger.

The driver, רס”ב okshi, glow brigades says that all meals, from morning to night, rich and varied. “At lunchtime the soldiers to receive 2-3 kinds of meat, in several different variations, as with the carbs, and the eight salads every day.” The cooks running around the kitchen in military preparations for lunch.
Usually, for shirts and Chef hats. “The investment for me is
To infinity. I believe that every time we can improve and see how you can make the best food and I always say it’s never enough, “says okshi רס”ב.

Under the busy kitchen staff, hundreds of soldiers, which are scattered all across the sector, some skirmishes and some engaged in operational or another. Therefore, taking care of the soldiers will all cooks food evenly, and all attention Turkey sent to soldiers in the field. “The soldiers who work very hard, work around the clock. I’m here for them, “explains okshi רס”ב. Kitchen Manager says that most of the cooks were Yemenis released, and currently working in restaurants and hotels. What the soldiers ‘ response? “As a soldier, I hang out at a lot of places, but I like that I accept the regimental kitchen didn’t get anywhere, and it doesn’t fall from a fancy restaurant,” praises one of the fighters.

Homemade corn tortilla filled with beef/chicken/chicken/vegetables Oriental

(10 servings)
The tortilla-pound flour
A pint of water.
One-quarter cup oil
Salt, pepper
To fill half a kilo minced beef, onion one.
-Fill a pound chicken ntachveni chili sweet soya
To fill a half-pound chicken chicken breast cut into cubes, one onion, cumin, mayonnaise
Fill vegetables-tomatoes, guacamole strips 2 slices, onion slices, cucumbers live one, pot pies and carrot pickles, garlic sauce and thousand Island dressing

“Chef” viewers post Saturday: Israeli recipe straight from the field.

“Like a fancy restaurant. The tortillas

Preparation instructions:
The ingredients to prepare the tortilla until appear, and at night.
Pour with a ladle to pan without oil, and FRY 30 seconds each side, till crispy atorteia
And publishers. Meanwhile, prepare the meat fry the onion and add the meat until golden and set, and season.

To prepare the ntachveni-toss the chicken with the sweet soy sauce until ready, and season. To prepare the chicken-fry the onion until gilding and Add Chicken cubes. Finally, season with Cumin and served with tahini. The vegetables can be added before or after.

Cordon Bleu kosher

Kilo sliced chicken breast
500 g diced India
Sweet chili sauce
One onion
Salt, pepper, sweet paprika, cumin, turmeric
Parsley, cilantro
Vegetable sauce: one onion 3 carrots and 2 pot pies
Red sauce: sweet paprika
Yellow: turmeric sauce

“Chef” viewers post Saturday: Israeli recipe straight from the field.

Preparation instructions:
In slices
Chicken breasts create a slot at the top (like an envelope) to get below the meat.
Meanwhile, fry the onion and mushrooms until golden, and add the cubes. We with the spices and add the herbs. In addition, make the sauce in a separate saucepan and mix well.
When the meat is ready with a stick into the slot opened
Chicken chest, hold it right there the opening with a toothpick, which leave until his removal from the oven. Pour the sauce over the dishes and put in the oven at 180° c for 25 minutes.
* You can make “Cordon Bleu cutlet” and watch the packet of flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and fried.

Translated from Hebrew