Cherry night in village

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Firsthand: it seemed a night of arrests and operational activity of Duvdevan unit • “darkness of can’t miss the pride and determination of sprouts through the eye fatigue.”

תאריך: 27/06/2014, 14:00    
מחבר: סא”ל עודד הרשקוביץ


The 13th day of operation “the return”, a Bible in one large settlements in the Hebron area. Undercover unit Duvdevan, IDF, settled there and dating community for her incessant activity in recent weeks. I get to the command of the Commander, Lieutenant Colonel k., who became Commander of the unit just two months ago. He’s smiling and affable, a grace most of his passes in the Golani Brigade and k after finishing his role as Meg in the Golani and which 1 received command of the unit.

When we meet, he’s OK plans for multiple night deals exactly when the Judea and Samaria Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Tamir let. ״יש enough, Tamir. Just tell me where you need us, we נבצע״ he shoots into the phone and takes under his wing another mission or two for the rest of the night. Deputy command of officer a. k., gets me red-eyed during shortages but a bedroom.
Grow. Also, other commanders I met tonight, proud of all the Mission Commander
Transfers to them. Just to bring the boys home.

The command make coffee not meet Italy and we also go to the briefing room converted. In the background the roar of joy of warriors, Argentina, fans watching from the scoring the second goal in the game. Like most soccer fans, the wait also cherry warriors for the last four years a large football event. They didn’t plan to meet this ongoing operation. See operation operation are updated in the result of such a team against another, glanced at a rerun of another memorable goal and close your eyes for a few hours until the next operation. You just let us get to work, the World Cup looks after כך״,
Explains the fighters.


Cherry night in village

Lieutenant Colonel Waleed. Photo: IDF

Enter the step toward arresting a Hamas ‘ military arm. Each team is attached to every soldier task defending a position. Long briefing
And, about every detail, leaving no imagination or improvisation scenarios. Until the power getting jagged procedures last, I got a call with the control unit. He talks about his five children and his wife waiting at home for three weeks. Also tough warriors do, apparently.

Leuk ‘ dilemma and no doubts. When I reminded him of the claims put forward in recent months against serving in the army, I rarely get him aggressive tone and fatigue. I only come here to see what we do, then I’m ready to talk about everything.
“Speak,” I explain. Testimonials, c. “
An angry glance at me: “I can’t move without the foot c. Who brings me? Who handles my vehicles? Who cares about the problems of airport troops As in what hurt everybody.

Darkness descends and vehicles standing fine movement.
Lieutenant a.. and we supply the cars, not before final safety briefing. Approaching the village, the fighters exchange between awaken guidelines. How did we get to the village? It also sets action addicts lovers couldn’t imagine.
“Do you” cons-this motto, depicted on t-shirts, warriors
Suddenly a whole new meaning. Apparently it’s not just a slogan, but a way of life.
Approaching the village, the fighters exchange between awaken instructions.

See the commands I can hear a little about both feelings hardened fighters, from the Golan and from Holon. Both years in and they both fail to understand what makes a guy like me in the middle of battle procedure. S. broke first and admitted that he was very proud of. To join and tell me the message about the abduction caught him standing. “From the beginning it was clear that this was a real event, and we’ve been active. Scans of weaponry, mostly and searches. Everything you need to get אותם״, he discovers.

A few minutes pass and team leader hamch and Saviour of them commanding a discharge Chamber. Before I know what’s going on, disappearing tens
Cherry fighters occupy positions. I stick a lick, and Lieutenant a. receives a command to make sure I
They perceived in the alleys. Like a speed and j, sailing, start moving on top of the usual power-have always forward, the fatigue of two weeks as.
The adrenaline flows and spoken commands, safe and quiet. Within seconds a closing terrorist has not fully appreciate the situation, trying to escape among the dozens of fighters. Procedure
Suspects don’t convince him to stop and he was shot.

Cherry night in village

“Just let us get to work, the World Cup looks afterwards. Photo: IDF

The evacuated on a stretcher to a nearby store, and dozens of youths begin to encompass the power. The survival instinct is clear I’m convinced within minutes came out of the event and clear point, but Molly begins to think of something else entirely-the entire force enlisted medical treatment. The paramedics trying to stabilize his condition while the commanders of the zabolans best mates are going to point the tag to the outskirts of the village, and calling intensive mobile leading the terrorist to the hospital.

Captain s., the only doctor jumps out and Wolf to terrorist and treatment. The Commander orders unit accompanied the bomber sat until he reaches the hospital. I leaned against the wall and watched from the sidelines for injured while handling the crowd begins to close on power “No other such army in the world”, I can hear myself mumbling.
Several minutes pass until we leave the village finally wounded, shamachbl, makes his way to Soroka Hospital.

K. continues to prepare the troops for the next task and sets them by the next village point, next to the requested en route to Bethlehem, where they arrest another wanted person responsible for the shooting attack in the tunnels several months ago. I
Separate catalogue and warriors. Even in the darkness of can’t miss the pride and determination of sprouts through the eyes. When I retired to shower and clean bed cherry fighters continued to move in samou, Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah, and arrested six other terrorists no longer constitute a threat.

Now, as you read these lines, cherry fighters continue, alongside many other warriors IDF units to scan the area to arrest wanted persons and especially to do everything to restore the buildings. Blessed are the people those warriors, blessed the country’s army.

Translated from Hebrew