Chief appointed his Deputy for treating gaps which Ombudsman soldiers

מרים אלסטר/פלאש 90

The Ombudsman report, the IDF continued the decline in the number of admissible Soloman

תאריך: 25/05/2011, 18:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Ombudsman report number 39 soldiers in 2011.
The IDF must learn its contents thoroughly and professionally, to generate the requisite lessons and fix needed repair. Chief of general staff, General Benny Gantz, made with the Deputy Chief-of-staff report, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, to address gaps raised in the report and update
Him on the subject.

Chief met last week with Ombudsman, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak brick, and heard from him on major trends that emerge from the current report by
Commissioner that continues the decline recorded in significant number of admissibility which were in “control-command” and “medical treatment.”

Chief Commissioner stated that in 2010 the equivalent number is similar to that submitted in 2009. These data are attributed to, inter alia, the constant increase in the number of admissible candidates ‘ security service since 2006 States that they submit acceptable treatment Ombudsman.

The Commissioner stated that: “the Commissioner satisfied that many scholars units commanders to seize the opportunity inherent in the treatment of iachidtam and parallel testing and critical matters way the conduct of censuses in iachidtam to examine the problems in the unit. The Captains are not afraid of testing real value, profound and piercing in order to reach the truth and expose the flaws in his treatment of the soldier. “

The Commissioner added that “commanders of these units are taking responsibility for what is happening in iachidtam and are
Shy away from dealing with failures or weaknesses that are pinpointed. Common soldiers express high satisfaction results command to Chief Editor iachidtam. The Commissioner further noted that he was “convinced that their subordinates of these controls don’t hesitate to follow them during the test, whether in combat or other complex situations.”

The Chief said that it is a powerful tool, an influential, it is essential to improve the treatment of in serving in a permanent and regular and reserve, and the candidates.

The Chief thanked the High Commissioner and unit on the comprehensive review, and exact, and expressed reservations to the attention of commanders also other issues from his experience as Commander.
Chief invited the Ombudsman to present his findings in a popular Forum members.

Translated from Hebrew