Chief: armored Corps is a very significant role in the battlefield.

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz received of fresh recruits to the armored Corps, who came to the recruitment, “the armored Corps is the direct firepower that could lead to hostilities,” said

תאריך: 28/07/2013, 19:04    
מחבר: יהונתן שר, מז”י

Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz and Commander of GoC Army Gen. Guy Tzur, received today (Mon) of greet fresh recruits to the armored Corps, the recruitment
At Tel Hashomer. To visit the אכ”א champion joined Mayor Ali love and the IDF spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yoav (Polly).

“An hour and a half ago did the three most important steps in your life, couple
Three steps on the bus and broke up the family and friends, today you can’t act the same way behaved before, because now you’re not only you, but are also part of the Israel Defense Forces Chief of staff, said, “remember that since we are on a Dim, there is no difference between the young that hour would cost a uniform for the first time and besides, I serve more years and higher. Both represent the IDF “.

“Talking a lot lately about whether armored Corps is relevant to fighting
Today I informed you that he still had a significant role with, “added Lieutenant General Gantz,” armored Corps is the direct firepower to bring the fighting shtank, one can do things a whole infantry company can’t. The Merkava tank, which is in my opinion the best
In the world, technological upgrades in recent years and will continue to also upgrade
In the coming years. But no matter how the tanks will be advanced technology and the most important thing is the people inside the tank, and they should be devoted to each other and to the mission.

“It won’t be long until we all understand what the Wing Commander and I understand
And being in the armored Corps and tank crew, the Warrior and the experience you mster, unwilling to let her go, “the Chief said.

Translated from Hebrew