Chief concludes “pillar”: correct the program fully operational

In a letter to the IDF General staff Ganz summarized the offer and wrote that “the way we worked during the operation doesn’t leave room for doubt as to sblanotheno next”

תאריך: 25/11/2012, 10:36    
מחבר: הרמטכ”ל, רא”ל בנימין (בני) גנץ

In accordance with the Government of Israel on a cease-fire, IDF cherished weapon after eight days of fighting against the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

Operation “pillar” began a sustained terrorist organization welcome Hamas, thwart it’s military wing, Ahmed Jabari. Opportunity identification and operational intelligence is accurate and reliable in combination with gunfire from the ground, air and sea, devastating impact on African military leadership of Hamas, launch long-term capabilities and operational infrastructure of the organization.

Beside the strike effort, given the complex and unique reality in our region, we raised the reserves possible offensive continuity necessary for operation. Along with the soldiers and commanders of divisions and brigades in, which prevented the Assembly areas as soon as they met, the reserve soldiers and commanders who left their homes in the hinterland, the Sun, their families and their businesses and impressive scale to accomplish the task, and are committed to protect your home.

We stood with them against the other, with the widespread deployment of the home front command, which aims to support IDF activities and give an answer to the civilian population. Armour, air force award of the “iron dome” system has proven once again that our total technology, and provided protection for civilians and latitude for decision makers. The operational achievements accompanied outreach efforts that bring to mind the pictures and mrkeaim votes a minute.
By minute, reliability and relevance.

The program was fully operational on the shock hit the terror organizations and tshthiotiham, leads to their atrophy, decreased military perimeter shooting, fitness-enhancing deterrence of the State of Israel. Our enemies were wrong in how they interpret the restraint which we have taken during the period preceding the operation, and the way we worked during the operation doesn’t leave room for doubt as to the sblanotheno.

Despite the strong tmoddotho of the public and to the HFC, repressed life of six civilians and soldiers. We hug their families and sending good healing to the wounded.

Throughout the operation, siphon the power to perform our mission when we looked back at the House.

“Pillar talks to them” said in Psalm צ”ט and we spoke loud and clear: we stand with them against any enemy and defend our home as a wall shape so we did so and we act. This operation once again tremendous steadfastness, and readiness level service and operational readiness. It showed that continue and facing their enemies and we all fight and challenge.

I’m proud, fiercely and kindness sustain robust. Today, as always, we stand United in machoivatno to protect the State of Israel, sovereignty and peace of its citizens.

Translated from Hebrew