Chief Education Officer: our role – Central protection of national elections

In a letter published to mark the Passover holiday, Brig. Gen. Ali shermister to commanders “to ensure and keep every soldier’s dignity and – regardless of origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or job.”

תאריך: 09/04/2012, 10:48    
מחבר: קח”ר, תא”ל אלי שרמייסטר

The Jewish calendar is reserved a place of honor of Nisan, the Passover holiday which began. This holiday lasts seven days, was the first leg of the three habits in them.
Was with Israel to the Temple in Jerusalem. Today, riachotav, achlio and habits
Fill the public space and are an important part of our identity as Israelis and Jews.

The holiday of Passover is on human beings Israel from Egypt. Described in detail in the book “names and we’re extending it on Christmas Eve through the West Bank, but the secret of holiday is transferring the story from father to son.

But the story is not just a historical event, the Bible, the prophets and sages of Israel throughout the ages, treated Egypt port story and used the seder emphasizing aspects of freedom and morality. We are committed to building a society of freedom, amended and welfare are a candle.

“And you live in country launching not with tono: when you guys have immigrant citizen and immigrant loved him like that were in the land of Egypt live” (Leviticus 19, friendship); This basic imperative
Repeated dozens of times in different formulations and reinforced the prophets. Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, one of the rabbis in Germany in the 19th century expands the meaning about the internal logic of the imperative:

“Special people that live in the land of Egypt were ‘ here to keep this rule of all. All asonchm in Egypt, had been living there, and as such didn’t qualify according to view land, homeland, existence, and would make you as they want. So beware that Sean Penn play warning human rights
In your country based on other than purely human, it lies at the heart of every person. Any deprivation of human rights, will open the gate to the Embassy and human abuse is the root of all Egypt dispicable.

The Passover holiday story teaches us about the importance of national choices our role, serving in the Israel Defense Forces is to protect her.

The important principle that you can learn from this complexity, is that individual freedom and human dignity are the direct continuation of the freedom and complete it. The IDF is that for total protection of national elections often limits the freedom of the soldier. Nevertheless, we must ensure that as commanders and care of every soldier and soldier —
Regardless of origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or position.

What made liberty deep sink with a heart could spring water to create such a brilliant and give it from generation to generation, “Berl Katznelson about the haggadah that sought to implement the order:” every generation has a man to see himself like he came out of Egypt. “

Translated from Hebrew