Chief Engineering Officer: יהל”ם would the enemy in the crypt.

אל”מ סהר אברג’יל. צילום: עמית שלומוביץ’, מז”י

Lieutenant Colonel ido Mizrahi was appointed commander of the engineering unit for special tasks and is replaced in the role by Sahar abergil. “Against the backdrop of the Jolt, the importance of ever growing יהל”ם, said Brig. Gen. Morley

תאריך: 13/08/2012, 11:25    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Continue to refine the diamond: Lieutenant Colonel testified Mizrahi was appointed last week to Chief engineering unit for special tasks. He replaces Col. Moon abergil, who leaves the squad after two years of development on the edge of technology intensive operational activity in all sectors of the country.

“The future is before us provides significant challenges,” he said in a ceremony on the base unit the main Engineering Officer (קהנ”ר), Brigadier General Yossi Morley. “We’re dealing with an enemy that disappeared in urban areas of the intensification and the Chargers, with a growing threat
And in underground fighting. When all these against the Jolt, the importance of יהל”ם is impressed. This is the only one that allows the ground maneuver that decides these threats. Dealing with himoshim, land, in ground, overcoming obstacles and creating obstacles to enemy is critical, and diamond deals, among other things, though. Preparing for these tasks is complex, and the quality is the level of success in the next war. She’s not only ordinary יהל”ם IDF; No, not in most, not in complexity and in the mission, it is fundamentally a unique unit that is an extraordinary art command.

קהנ”ר praised the services of the unit head Colonel abergil and noted that the Unit looks today. He said that aspect of operational activities in particular.
Under outgoing Chief, noting that the only activity on the different plgotha look all day scenes prominently.

Lieutenant Colonel Mizrahi comes to the job after serving most recently as Chief Engineer Battalion “Assaf”. Lieutenant Colonel abergil promoted and appointed commander of the northern command’s engineering (North above).

Translated from Hebrew