Chief: IDF to offensive operations and initiated in Gaza

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz message security Review Committee and security and the security challenges on the agenda. “For the next round of hostilities have to shorten the fighting as much as possible, specify

תאריך: 15/11/2011, 15:32    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said today (Tuesday) a Security Review Committee members and the confidence of the Knesset. In his remarks, addressed the security challenges on the IDF’s agenda, including border tensions of Israel-Egypt, as well as the security situation in the Gaza Strip.

With regard to the situation of the South said that the army “in the fourth round in 2011 against Hamas.
Our deterrent to Hamas are still high, but we continue to need more round and round
Go to operational cooperation, it is coming. Not pulled there but do this proactive and organized. It is directly connected to our defense and our ability to continue to build. ” He noted that the IDF foiled the Islamic Jihad cell activity in Rafah, claiming that the decision to hit the link to “manage and inhibits the development of the Islamic Jihad’s rocket”.

Another general staff explained Gantz “toward the next round of hostilities have to shorten the fighting as much as possible.” He noted that “the speed needs to rely on high-quality intelligence and rapid action and therefore need to maintain readiness and maintain the IDF human resources without it, we may undermine the achievement of four years of strengthening of the IDF.

Chief of reality in Egypt border and said that “the border is mostly built to cope with infiltrators, the reality confronting the border zone edit actions
Terrorism and hostile terrorist activity. ” He said that “the Chinese became an area where many terrorist networks are performing terrorist activities, both from Gaza and Jaffa, of
Egyptian sovereignty violation “.

In this context, noted the army general staff “Gantz fits all his concept South, planning to complete the construction of the border fence with Egypt until the end of 2012. “Today working in parallel 30 contractors and 400 workers to erect the fence at an accelerated rate. 70 km already built, “noted Lieutenant General Gantz, adding that another Brigade Headquarters on the border with Egypt, elevated in continuous improvement of intelligence collection capabilities based on combat intelligence collection and value of technological implementation.

Referring to Judea and Samaria, “said the September events are date
But the staging process and “not behind us. And the situation is far from contained, but
However we are still in the staging and preparation and ground may evolve and will flame with events “. The army estimates that potential “continued disappointment of the Palestinians, the chances of a violent outbreak still exists.”

At the edge of his Chief addressed the possible cuts in the defense budget, saying that he is not opposed to social protest, but argues that the pay cuts and the strategic reality in which they occurred. “This is the first time the strategic reality is more complex. We are facing considerable uncertainty for intra-Theatre lift, and we have no right to take risks.
The course is what happened and what’s going to happen. Defense budget will damage us
Many replies. There must be no attacks on defense budget will cost us at ready. Sholhei you have to meet when ready event and when I provide an explanation, “the Chief of staff.

And also with regard to social issues said the Gantz “our ability to continue together in the IDF is the core strength of our citizens and to do everything I can to preserve it.” He said that “there is no ban on women singing in the IDF and there is no appeal to the highest authority of commanders on this too. In my conversation with the Chief Rabbis said Iran and Syria, and Rabbi zirteim threats, but also concerned with military matters, thus also society proved ה’יזכור issue.

Translated from Hebrew