Chief: IDF’s readiness requirement is an operational necessity and moral obligation

צילום: איריס ליינר, דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz spoke at the annual rite of communion with the Kfir Brigade and the security challenges facing the IDF’s agenda. “she forces prepared for the continuation of the fallen,” said

תאריך: 19/09/2011, 22:47    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The Kfir Brigade tiiachda tonight (Monday) with 166 male traditions, in a ceremony held in the Memorial who adopted town Afula, Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Commander Central Command Maj. Gen. avi Mizrahi, infantry officer and main parachute and the bereaved families.

“Achpirim from their homes turned into Lions. They are thus preserved in levias as our collective memory, “said Chief Gantz. Tonight, against a wall, names
As written in the heart of each and every one of us. ” During the evening the Chief also addressed the expected challenges to the nearest army when saying that “over the past few months could see large-scale processes that changed the face of the Middle East an unprecedented change. The effects of the noise that our region can be seen now in the various fronts “.

In that context, stressed that “the army should remember that the readiness and willingness is
Operational necessity, but also a moral obligation. It is our duty to continue through the fall,
As well as the obligation to ensure the continuing safety of the future and the State of Israel.
In this confrontation about soldiers and commanders on the lookout when they’re firm, prepared, trained and are promoting any enemy to place us. “

“In recent years the Kfir Brigade takes its place slowly alongside other infantry divisions, protecting borders, fighting terrorism for training and preparation for war,” said Brigade Commander Colonel, UDI Ben-protest during the ceremony. Col. Ben protest turned to bereaved families and told them that “we truly sacrosanct derive strength from you. You’re not alone, surrounded by the love and support of your arrival day.

Translated from Hebrew