Chief: if not retained in Gaza-renew our

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz attended the recruitment to recruitment November cycle leg to the armored Corps and held that “the IDF deterrent will in future, in contrast to previous cycles ‘ trail ‘ of fighting which lasted after the operation.”

תאריך: 25/11/2012, 13:50    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, visited today (Sunday) in the recruitment to spy.
November fundraising in the armored Corps. Lt. General Gantz spoke with fresh recruits and also discussed the results of operation “pillar”, which ended last Wednesday.

During the meeting the Chief that the peace obtained in Gaza border will be saved, or
The IDF will work. “If not saved – renew our activity level required.
The IDF deterrent will be on the timeline and I think it is in our hands, we got the goals. Unlike previous rounds there is a trail of time fighting continued after.
At least according to what I saw in the positive mode and follow to see how it develops in the next few days, “said the Chief.

Lt. General Gantz also addressed the preparations and ready reserve forces recruited the operation and said that “there were isolated incidents but I think overall the alignment was very good. Everywhere we find deficiencies will improve. ” Chief of the IDF’s preparedness for possible ground move, saying that “a vast amount of deployed forces in the South and was ready for any mission. “The regular and the reserve value were correct and prepared for each command. Overall I’m satisfied what we did and I’m very satisfied with mobilization of the reserves and making each move. The distance between the start of warriors and the decision not to do this was a thread “.

Translated from Hebrew