Chief in OCS graduation ceremony: “our readiness starts here”

הרמטכ”ל גנץ. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The course successfully completed about 400 cadets, of whom approximately 25 girls. The Minister was referring to Iran’s election and said: “they do not cease from striving for nuclear weapons, but
If you realize that the world is determined to prevent it. “

תאריך: 19/06/2013, 19:32    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Today (Wednesday) held ROTC ceremony dryland Union 36 turnover in officers school at mitzpe Ramon. The ceremony was held in the presence of Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe (Boogie)
Ya’alon, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur, Chief School officers, Colonel Eran, graduates, families and friends.
This ceremony was conducted at the end of intensive, challenging, professional and, eight months. Cadet graduates were awarded the Deputy leadership, which Defense Minister and Chief of the officers ranks reveal. Starting from tomorrow.
Alumni futures to integrate and to fill leadership roles at all combat units of the army, according to a force which arrived – collecting combat, artillery, armor, combat engineering, infantry and paratroopers.
The course successfully completed about 400 cadets, of whom approximately 25 girls. See also 57 percent of graduates live in the city, 28% live in communal settlement, 11% live in or in the village and 4% live in the kibbutz. A leading city in the number of officers is Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Chief in OCS graduation ceremony: “our readiness starts here”

The Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon (bogey), said today that “we examine new developments in Iran given the election results, but also in relation to the otherworldliness of aspirations
Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. The regime in Tehran, who speaks openly about the annihilation of the State of Israel, will not change his ways and his will for nuclear weapons unless you understand
Because the Western world is determined to prevent this. So far the Iranian regime does not sense it, and requires significant exacerbation by Western countries to lead him into the dilemma of
Bomb or survival.

In reference to the young officers said Minister Ya’alon: ‘ you will learn enough in rank to lead. You have to prove yourself as officers, and immoral. So proper ExampleFor your men will follow “fire and water” – you have to make trust, without trust – no leadership. Faith in the everyday trials, professional and ethical. Faith laboriously building
And you can destroy the failure.

The Defense Minister also discussed cutting the defense budget. “You’ll have to deal with a number of internal challenges arising from economic hardships and budget constraints,” he said, “we cut deal results without worry. The feel of the forms. We have in the past and my commitment to you once again that we will do everything necessary to minimize possible damage, increased qualification and willingness to maintain a strong army, Israeli army and win. “

Chief of staff: our qualification begins in your units

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said that “our military preparedness begins
Privately, the forces of the bachod fighters. Facing the challenges that face about IDF
These days, whether close or far, or shabis security, conservation and the readiness of our military incompetence is a super job. Each and every one of you has a part in making this mission “.

He told the officers: “you are standing here in front of us, the next generation of Israel all citizens – men and women, religious and secular, of different faiths, with humans and urban kibbutzim – United way and in order. There is no evidence, accurate, exciting power in Israel, IDF’s כ’צבא people, our ability to work together, to overcome the challenges we face and win.
The Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur said that “peace prepare for war – peace indeed.
He wants our heart but fraught with wars. We will present more tests in the field which
Where land forces require to decide. ” “The forces are trained and skilled, determined, professional, eye contact with the target. The State of Israel is strong, safe and correct. You lead them to accomplish the tasks and goals. Invested in proper ExampleFor your men, beat them, believe them, the command post located in the wonderful place the orders: ‘ look at me and do. “

Translated from Hebrew