Chief: “keep and adjust to the future”

הרמטכ”ל. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Lt. General Gantz released IDF commanders even stuff for the new year. In his words
The main trends in the recent year and changes will have to take army according to changes in the region and national priorities

תאריך: 03/09/2013, 05:47    
מחבר: רא”ל בנימין (בני) גנץ

These days, the seam between the past year to a new era, they are days of rest and other destinations, but also an opportunity to review our accomplishments in recent times.
The year brought, along with security and shabis challenges, operational gains and improvement in technology, procurement and readiness.

During the past year in various action scenes — by land, air and sea–continued to initiate action against our enemies and influence. As part of the positive trends we saw
The increase in scope in the IDF’s technology programs, an increase in Sabre and expanding recruitment and integration of special populations.

Chief: “keep and adjust to the future”

Around the Middle East, and again
Shifting the strategic balance of power. Even these days, new year’s Eve, continue the anthers from beyond our borders, and marking processes and historical events. We are in a transition period, and data between external reality-dynamic security and restructuring of the internal priorities?.

When planted in the present shrglino and stomach a sober palette to
In the future, the answer to the security needs of the State of Israel, we must dare to change and to adapt the military to continue to develop and gain strength. The IDF is an army, and mission; Organization to an operational fighter. We will continue to do everything we can to preserve and enhance our capabilities based on eligibility and readiness, and along, the dimensional flexibility;
Our ability to switch between different fighting modes, between various functions and various action scenes-Ramat hachayal business district and the only one in the field to the army commanders on crucial today as an army tpkodeno. We aspire to enhance our operational capability, to tighten the shilobies
Inside inside and the collaboration between arm, to deepen and broaden the ICT network deployed throughout the IDF and to promote organizational effectiveness. Keep the sword sharpened Israel and cement garden; To establish the iarchotheno against any threat and confrontation in the future.

Chief: “keep and adjust to the future”

In the coming year we will continue increasing efficiency, saving
And the convergence of continuous examination of the needs and constraints in the IDF and the strategic environment.
Act with the understanding that national economic base with them is an essential part of the State of Israel and which majors they were considering Israeli society, and aspire to be militiamen example in it efficiency
And reduce as much as possible.

Today as always, fundamental strength and lifeblood of every unit in the IDF, the might-is human capital. Real military strength, the ability to carry out our mission, are based first and foremost on the dedication and determination on the commanders and soldiers regularly, and in the reserves. Your professionalism, your mission and willingness to contribute above and beyond, enabling the army to continue to evolve, to continue to establish his place as armies advanced, Haad was the strongest and most powerful in the world.
In ashiitchm you allow Venezuelans to continue their daily routine, knowing that every day and every hour there who works for them, for the security of Israel.

Also next year, we will continue to nurture and strengthen the warm relationship with the bereaved families, and to support grazing our wounded. Add function to find it lacking the IDF’s commitment to Ma’am, those who remain with us and who we lost down that road.
Thanks and special comes to the families of the soldiers and commanders, serving-support, hug and help fulfill your job the best, all year round. At the dawn of the nine wish you, your families and all Israel that it will
Year of security, prosperity and success.

Translated from Hebrew