Chief launched a computerized program for advanced connection of all the forces in the field.

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The plan, the IDF allowed, bring efficiency and operational achievements that lack
He referred to precedent in Chief to the security situation in the various sectors: “Syria today is not from Syria two weeks ago.”

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

אגף התקשוב

Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, today things at the launch of the IDF project allowed ‘ in it. “The IDF is allowed large-scale program in teleprocessing, using a computerized system of data transfer
In order to streamline operational activity and in the arrays are shown. The program will lead to higher turnover of information between different arms — even while living and activity

During the Conference, Lieutenant General Gantz variables challenges various sectors against the greatest events. “We continue to work to find kidnappers in boys, peeling their environment and damage Hamas as much as possible,” said Chief.
“While we’re doing it-wake up Activated on 10 days in response to the shigori. I can’t say it won’t be a strategic attack from Gaza at night and can’t predict exactly what will happen tomorrow morning. “

It also mentioned also said the constant changes in the northern sector, incident in which a truck hit by anti-tank Syria’s border, killing a teenager. “In this case we decided
To respond. The enemy is no longer an enemy waiting to attack him, “explained Chief.
“Syria two weeks ago is not today’s Syria and Syria for two weeks.

Savings of millions of dollars and precious seconds on the battlefield.

“The IDF will network efficiency by connecting all IDF arms.
Air, sea, land and intelligence-one operational Internet network in which they can share information and data. The program will save millions of dollars ‘ worth, thanks to various farm reduction designed to maintain so far the various networks. Five months ago, approved the plan by members of staff, and now she’s moving to
Initial execution.

The connection between all the systems of the army, air, sea and good intelligence operational processes in order, drop walls existed for many years between the IDF and arms to economic efficiency. Side by side, scaring teleprocessing also wrapper
A tight Cyber protection to all stages of the program.

The Chief said, in the end, despite the advanced technology, I still need to use your hands to perform the task. “No matter how much technology we have, we’re not looking for an icon or pixel is fighting,” he said. “That hits the target.
Need fighters side chain of command and control, logistics and technology. The nature of war has changed.

With respect to network “,” IDF Chief of staff stressed that the main and most important plan for. “without it, we’re going to have to work a lot in giving an answer to our operational needs. The IDF allowed gives us the ability to work better, “explained Chief.” we’re looking at the upcoming annual Rabbi program, and realize that we must put an emphasis on the base were that he. For example, our intelligence takes into account both on and eventually revealed to them because they would mistake or someone who were in contact with “.

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