Chief Logistics Officer: cuts hurt confidence in logistical buildup

צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

The defense budget cuts would cause the rejection of program logistics Corps, which hurt the development programs. However, Brig. Gen. Ghanim clarifies:
“We are ready for any scenario.”

תאריך: 08/12/2011, 12:55    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

“The intention to cut defense budget rejected the application year of program logistics Corps. This means that many technological innovations and we asked to get into the field, I used the logistics development in the frozen-at this stage due to the cut “— so says today the logistics officer, Brig. Gen. Jamal Ghanem, a conversation with.

Referring to a budget defense claims that Ahmed “General old cuts affecting our buildup. Meaning – freeze programs approved for next year. Agreed measures for the logistics buildup and I don’t see them coming out in the near future. I look at the cuts in the long term and immediate, and claims that have a meaning in the context of logistics capability of the IDF, as well as in other areas.

Chief Logistics Officer explains that plans to strengthen the logistics and battalion-level Division, were rejected because of the cuts. Also, plans for evacuation and rescue measures, procurement trucks and supply vehicles, also cancelled – at least in the job. “Part
Technology designed to Crown the next, not will we add logistical capabilities of mobility the division level, rescue and medical evacuation, logistic means carrier trailers and additional capabilities this is not the place to list them, “adds Brig. Gen. Ghanim, emphasizing that” in the field wouldn’t be nearly the intensification due to the cuts in the defense budget.

קל”ר was referring to the fact that social protest was among those that led to cuts in the defense budget and said that” If you look at it in a broader way, a significant part of the defense budget contributes indirectly to support social issues. ” Among other things, mentioned
קל”ר, for instance, the city building project in which the subject is also under his responsibility, as a project that will contribute to the development of the Negev and to create more jobs in the periphery.

The IDF prepared for war, we manage to provide the appropriate response in the field.

However, the main logistics officer said that budget cuts won’t affect logistical support to the operational tasks of the IDF to date. “The answer could be optimized, but the array edit each scenario and in every sector, even today,” he explained. When it comes to preparedness and readiness, Brig. Gen. Ghanim determine decisively that the IDF “edit war”, inter alia also because of the significant processes in perception, the doctrine, training, proven training in them led the logistics קל”ר during the past two years, since his role. “We’ve been through the process of building a significant force on all arrays and today the logistics is prepared and higher service to perform any task,” notes קל”ר.

The logistic of the IDF received significant attention during the past two years, with composing of doctrines and concepts adjusted to run the logistics battalion-level, to the level of joint chiefs, we implement up-to-date methods and this side we also have the command and managed to raise the readiness among supporters of fighting “.

Assimilating the teachings of Krav Maga in using the existence of training and exercises in order to cycle regularly and reserves, while the lessons and drawing conclusions from them. Field of training, therefore, under Brig. Gen. era Ghanim. “I made an officer not going through a series of professional training in logistics, not named” constant, קל”ר, adding that” all the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers in the force, are standardized and professional training.

Alongside the aforementioned processes, logistics Corps also possible scenarios in case of a military conflict, in the near future or far. Changing the operational concept,
Claiming that the neck has become a façade, the alignment of the logistics Corps, which adapts to the scenarios on the agenda.

“Our emphasis is on functional continuity and is actually continuing continuous logistic activities, under threat of firing hundreds of missiles. We assume this would happen, and activities so that we can continue to operate, under fire, “Brigadier General Ahmed explained. Based on training and exercises this activity observed in practice, including logistics and distribution means the implementation scenarios in consciousness of the commanders, קל”ר believes that” the logistics will continue to facilitate continuity and to maintain the supply chain, also under constant firing of hundreds of rockets a day.

Translated from Hebrew