Chief met with his Gantz of Chinese: cooperation between armies – closing

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz met with General Chen Mingde shared in conversation about the challenges and strategic security and the snapshot-regional security in the Middle East. The two promised to strengthen the relationship between the armies.

תאריך: 21/05/2012, 19:21    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, met today (Monday) with his colleague, Chief of staff
General of the army, General Chen in Mingde. The meeting took place during a visit to the official job is Lt. General Gantz in China during the week.

It is a return visit after the General in Mingde, visited the Chief Guest, in August 2011. The General thanked Chief Mingde Gantz for having won him his first in Israel, which he said left him a significant impression that the IDF is an army strong.
And patriotic.

Chinese Chief also praised the cooperation between IDF me tightening and the Chinese army. The two discussed jointly, challenges and strategic security in the snapshot-regional security in the Middle East and relations between the armies. Lt. General Gantz expressed his appreciation for China’s military influence on the region.

The two share mutual satisfaction with cooperation between the two armies and stressed their commitment to promote the relationship. The Gantz you mention in mutual visits of senior officers of the two armies, including common courses that are expected in the near future.

Translated from Hebrew