Chief: need women in command positions and significant core

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz publishes letter to woman’s day, it wrote that “the commitment to the best women’s unpretentious domestic Israeli emerges from a sober look at the security challenges facing Israel.”

תאריך: 07/03/2013, 18:46    
מחבר: רא“ל בני גנץ

Every year on 8 March women’s day is an excellent international and marks the point of reference in the process of achieving equal rights and full opportunities between men and women worldwide. For us, this is an opportunity to review a long the way we did in promoting equality
Gender and take pride in change in recent years. It’s time to bring the Liberian women’s importance in the IDF and to identify conservation and points for improvement. As an army katdm and values of democracy, we are committed to the eradication of all discriminatory difference among us.
And a barrier to the equality rule.

Commitment to best unpretentious domestic IDF women stems first and foremost from a sober look at the security challenges facing the State of Israel. Facing the arch and stability in our region, our ability to withstand successfully the tasks that are fundamentally of the human capital of the IDF, in each and every one of you serve and serving in the IDF, we need good people and talented in places where they can unleash their potential and contribute as much as possible the effort and fighting. We need women in command positions and significant core roles in all arrays.

Extracting personnel according to skills, regardless of gender, is corporate duty as national and moral duty. When the Army Recruiter and brings together among the ranks.
Young women and young men from all walks of life in Israel, we have a unique opportunity to encourage and instill in our servant values as equal values, the steadfastness and the interdependencies.
It is our hope that these values will continue to deepen and grow roots in Israeli society.

In recent years have opened a variety of roles women tailoring to the Israel Defense Forces and currently 92% of subjects are open to women. Over the last decade there is a consistent increase in the rate of women who choose to join the combat roles and some of the women among the population
IDF officers is also on the rise. Women in professions that were closed to them provides value added and renewed strength of the various activities.
Prominent and influential to every area and throughout the army.

A month ago, the issue of the connection between Bush’s troubling to sexual harassment, we
In raising awareness for wrongful behavior that affects women serving in the IDF during the week emphasis behavioral norms in units and in tricky atmosphere detection and non-employment. Nowhere in the effects of sexual harassment so that he and we find zero tolerance towards incidents of this kind. I expect commanders and command post, torch bearers and the way teachers, to severe disciplinary kWh in every event.

Women, and women the IDF, facts

Woman’s day is also an opportunity to say thank you, to cherish and to express appreciation to you gals are doing the security of Israel and the IDF from inception to the present. Continue to strive and to fiill shimotichn the best.

Translated from Hebrew