Chief of staff: “combine warriors wherever possible.”

IDF commanders led by Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, participated in a Conference on integration and advancement of women in the army Squadron: keep women technology formation stage

תאריך: 29/03/2012, 11:46    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

IDF commanders attended yesterday (Wednesday) at a special conference to mark women’s day
The specified international two weeks ago, worldwide and in Israel and the IDF in the command and staff college, and organized by the headquarters women’s Affairs Advisor (יוהל”ן) and is headed by Brigadier General, Rachel TEVET Wiesel. He chaired this year marked “women, science and technology and utilization of female manpower in the IDF” technology.

To the officers and senior ngdoth booked all army units, and also the Chief spoke, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. Among women who were also Conference champion Ali אכ”א and love to myself (for unit and information technology), Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim.

Chief, wished good luck to the Squadron, said that she could promote the integration
IDF women how do not have such days. He explained that the IDF’s role is to protect women, but the women share equally in the IDF’s main activity, the protection of the State. “We need everyone in our field.
We allow anyone to develop and squeezed by his abilities and capabilities. Where you can combine Warriors – should be combined, “he said.

Chief expressed his support for the advancement of women and said that “we will continue to promote these issues and we will realize every occasion and event in terms of the challenges facing us and our needs. If there is a woman on the ground that makes the role better than anyone else – you can fill the role. The Chief thanked the women and said he thinks combined with family life career is a great challenge in life and even bigger army. I really appreciate your election, your work and your contribution to the IDF, and wish you all good luck.

The squadron: “we must recruit women for technology pathways”

The squadron also, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET Wiesel, stated that the Conference is “an opportunity to examine the activity and contribution to State security, to examine the purpose of the IDF
And social implications for women. We need to talk, give perspective and think together. Later, the squadron headquarters activities in diverse topics.

Later in her speech, the squadron to the importance of the principle of equality and said that it is a fundamental value in the laws of the State of Israel Israeli its embedded in. “As a result of
Integrating women more and more professions, open them more than 90% of the functions
In Milan, but before all lines, “Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel. The squadron told
Also on their patrols in the area and the girls are trshmota in a variety of roles in the IDF.
“I saw a whole array of women serving shoulder to shoulder with men, without gender distinction. They are full of motivation, “Brigadier General Conference TEVET Wiesel.

In addition, the squadron to the differential service. “In our view, the service should be determined not by gender or group affiliation but by profession,” said Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel. Later, the squadron to the battlefield of the future. “The traditional definition is no longer relevant, and we deal with large-scale technology arena.
At the same time, we have witnessed a continuous process of technological paths in reserve, which also affects the IDF and the Israeli economy. We must recruit the women, enabling technology know-how and prestige, “Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel.

Moreover, told the IDF site “Squadron we must promote potential exhaustion of women in technology and fill lines. You must discuss this subject because a field
The battle is the future technology. Women in these positions will allow potential exhaustion, and female gender promotion in Israel.

The last command: each is an agent of change

תומכ”א רח”ט, General Gadi Agmon, told the Conference data on women in the IDF and elaborated that “today there are 21% women in technical, who constitute only 7% of all women in the IDF, if we manage to stabilise the attractiveness and prestige into roles that are not only technical but also technology-intensive — we bring the girls to those values.

Meanwhile, the last command to the high percentage of women in the lot and made way to the unit head position “Today, 20% of Lieutenant Colonel ranks topics in technical and technological arrays Acorn are women” noted Brig. Gen. Hakim, “adding that” I fig leaf for the IDF moved and fought to get to my job. “

In addition, Brig. Gen. Hakim of specified tasks facing the IDF and Israeli society to make the female potential in technology, including education.
Non parenting and technology directs the child by Ramat stereotyping. “Got to christen the commanders support and a listening ear, to allow women to do it themselves,” said revealed general waiting and turned to short-term saying “each of you is a change agent. Each, as Chief, you must understand that initiation, assistance in career navigation and believe you girls – this is it. “

Translated from Hebrew