Chief of staff: combined arms land essential to the IDF’s ruling ability

Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur Office as Commander of GoC army headquarters at the Latrun Exchange. Maj. Gen. Sami turgeman, the outgoing Commander major, said at the ceremony that “correct ground forces to any challenge.”

תאריך: 24/02/2013, 20:31    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה“ל

Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur was appointed today (Mon) for Chief GoC army headquarters, at a ceremony held at Yad lashiryon “blteron in the presence of Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff Forum members and their families. Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur switched in the
Maj. Gen. Shlomo (Sammy) turgeman, who served as the Commander of GoC army headquarters in three and a half years and appointed OC.

Gantz said the Army Commander of GoC army headquarters leaving that “for three years.
And a half led GoC army headquarters, during which IDF is required to unprecedented challenges in building power. Did it with typical of determination and discretion, is calculated from the profound understanding and participating in the development of martial arts.
Significant increase in final statement of qualifications and preparedness of the IDF, in improving the quality and training of the army and army reserves.

Lt. General Gantz said to create that “today, in a snapshot, dynamic and complex changes in the nature of warfare and the development of technology, there is no substitute for the land forces. The battle in the Mainland remains an essential and central element in maneuverability and the IDF’s decision.
Counting on you to lead the GoC army headquarters, responsibility to protect, and existing based and manage to match and enhance the forces facing the challenges of the future. “

The Wing Commander, major general Solomon (Sammy) 994, said at the ceremony that he looked today proudly and satisfy the land and sees service units
And ready. I see a strong and professional controls, leading them professional and proud warriors, the sense of being capable of flowing in their blood, and I can say with satisfaction-who to trust and correct ground forces to any challenge. “

“Commanders and soldiers of GoC army headquarters, around the ihom Saar. Moving inland, the strategic and tactical operations occurring in distant relatives, who ishorono storm, us new challenges and old challenges with new faces. Together we act to adjust and strengthen the ground forces facing the challenges so significant, “said the champion.

Translated from Hebrew