Chief of staff: dealing with a challenge that requires vigilance in present and future preparedness

צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz spoke at the Herzliya Conference and addressed the challenges
Agenda of the Israeli defense budget issues, said: “we cannot afford an army. We make changes responsibly and carefully. “

תאריך: 11/03/2013, 20:05    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה“ל

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, tonight (Monday) speech in Herzliya Conference, which addressed the challenges of IDF’s agenda, given the fundamental changes in the various sectors and addressing social issues of Israel.

Lt. General Gantz cover changes in different sectors and the characteristic instability
The it, given the changes in Syria and Egypt, in light of the situation felt Jordan, arming
Hezbollah in Lebanon and the security situation in the Gaza Strip. He was referring to was made in Judea and Samaria and said that “this is a very long time that terrorism and banned sector.
Though it is not true to ignore ahashlcha who was a “pillar” in the broadband sector and that this rising. Not wrong, night night, everyday, soldiers to the States, and working, and working in the field to ensure that this peace will last. We let the citizens of Israel to live in peace and safety and to give the political echelon to decisions freely as possible.

The Chief stressed that the IDF faced multi-dimensional challenge zirati has different characteristics and different-looking effect in the operative phrase. “The chance of war against affirmative action, grassroots, manipulate the visible range-low chance. However, the risk of relapse is very high, “explained Lt. General Gantz,” runs a week, hardly a day goes by that I’m not involved in that issue as it is until the day ended with you without anything, she could become a strategic event wide open and rolling. This is the reality in which we live. “

Alongside this strategic reality, the Gantz also said that the properties have changed. The future challenges of the past, though they are not on the same level of difficulty, “he explained. As an example, he noted that in the past the Warriors used to bypass combat in built-up area, but the army no choice but to operate in, because away working “enemy terrorist organizations operate from within civilian areas. Just watched ב’עמוד the cloud we’re dealing with a courtyard house with agricultural warehouse, next to four trees and beside the launcher was forged. It’s very complicated and very challenging. “

Chief of staff: dealing with a challenge that requires vigilance in present and future preparedness

Lt. General Ganz added that “we’re dealing with a whole fades and disappears, he continues to assimilate with the civilian population and has deadly abilities in his own right. This reality is at our door every shattering figures, like the Golan Heights, where we set and settings and collecting. Looking ahead, the Chief explained, will be required to activate a larger fire. “more and more a war mediator. The threats haven’t gone away, they just changed ownership. We meet them in their new configuration. “

Chief of staff further noted that each project has different characteristics that require different abilities. “We need to work to ensure simultaneous offensive continuity and ethical and moral duty to protect our citizens. It will use very large volumes, “he said, stressing that” first and foremost, we will continue to develop and strengthen our intelligence capability is critical in emergency, and war and the exhaustion of running power. We cannot afford to tear down all the walls, we need to know
What we’re doing. It’s never going to be perfect but we are committed to it. “

Gantz said that Lieutenant General for establishing capabilities required to strengthen the capability of the IDF offensive fire-air, land and sea assault on big aspeci and together with a really big for our troops. “The land we have to maneuver hard, because he could see military forces and also because when we needed to get a solution.
Long term we can’t rely only on an array of fire, but to get into the trenches in Gaza and into the thicket in Lebanon where the term enemy. It’s not video games, it requires a physical presence on the ground and we need to prepare our forces. We
Need flexible maneuverability, safe and capable of receiving intelligence and to adapt itself to the new situation, “Lt. General Gantz.

The Chief also discussed the Cyber challenge and said that “as we speak, are attacking us from dozens of places in the world. We should do ours also. ” Also, a bigger challenge than ever, “it’s all in there all the time, online, requires”.

In relation to active defense capabilities of IDF Chief of staff stressed that both save vulnerable.
Personnel and allows the functional continuity army and patience to run. “It is important that we build in the future army has operational powers of decision, who can deal with all sectors and to all the ranges,” he said.

Defense budget: “we can’t afford rusty military.”

The Chief also referring to the security issue and said the words that the IDF will need to reorganize, without affecting the operational capabilities. “I understand there’s another country priorities, I think he has a place, but I ask that no information we delude ourselves and know how to post a response to threats that are going around. Speaking of size, need to understand the size of the challenge. I don’t have the business or organization, only to have him, but he knew how to respond. We manage to make changes and continue to face challenges, strive for organizational and structural efficiency, processes that we’re dealing with. Each and every program outlines, eventually, a permanent server goes down in the next few years in many thousands, “explained Lt. General Gantz.

Chief, budget, because he expects political guidance with
Describes a stable and long-term resources. “So we can make the correct process than to power, in cooperation with the Israeli economy. Despite the difficulty, allowed, is strictly prohibited, to have an army. We cannot hold a frame not practicing, not qualified and equipped and believes in itself and develops advanced systems. It’s better to be strong than large and small with an illusion, “he said, noting that the ultimate goal is the army faster, quicker, and trained, in challenges and the challenges we face.”

“We rely on past tradition requires, we have very high skills and good development programs for the future, and we have everything we need to face the changes that need to happen. Out of this critical strengths, we need to take a risk and make a difference–but responsibly. It is critical. We have identified these challenges, plan a multi-year plan and we go and we’re in the process of the political echelon in the near future, “added Lieutenant General Gantz.

“These directions require the development of responsibility and caution, vary. Both hands must simultaneously here: preparedness and flexibility. Tomorrow could be at war if not ready, don’t forgive ourselves, “stressed the” need to be prepared.
Each scenario and plan the database accordingly-t on the Golan came down from the North of Gaza, as an entire Division fell during operation ‘ pillar ‘ practice in the North to the staging ground entrance to the Gaza Strip. ” He concluded that “we need to prepare for the future, or else he will come with us”.

Haredi enlistment: political not military decision.

Chief spoke about the right to serve and said that the decision to draft ultra-Orthodox political resolution: “the political echelon, representing the Israeli society must decide how and where servants of servants who serve in the IDF, civilian-political decision and need healthy, not a decision. We provide data and directions, limitations and offer options, but the decision is not ours. , Haredim and recruitment, current volume is a good experience. We think they contribute a lot to us and they
Fit great. So it should look. We are prepared to expand this service, carefully, because the field when the us army and army remain, open, allowing all genders to serve him and block each other. Lt. General Gantz said that recruiting
, If realized, will allow the service to IDF and changing royalties.
“The bond.
The mutual equality of burden, folded in the right to serve the country. It is the simplest. Citizen gives to our country something, caring about the State. It’s a great honor, and I believe that this process will continue, “noted Chief, he chose to emphasize the importance of mash’al human capital, which is based the IDF” incoming technologies planned fighting perceptions, but what keeps this story is the people. The people serving in the IDF, who served in the IDF and serve in the IDF, the IDF’s story are also bereaved families,
The seniors and reserves. We must keep the human capital and to ensure that this capability will be a flower. Like the country, the IDF is holding out of choice and good people. We need to make it. “

Translated from Hebrew