Chief of staff: “support for military appointments are transparent” strategic considerations

The NCAA control voltage replacement Lieutenant General Benny Gantz criticized the allegations allegations around the last joint appointments we choose the most suitable people “,

תאריך: 18/12/2011, 12:05    
מחבר: אביחי חיים, אתר צה”ל

The base and command held today (Sunday) that the official ceremony to replace the Commander. In a ceremony held in the presence of Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, replacing Gen. Jose Ben yidtz the Gershon Hacohen, ends six-year tenure in Office.

Gantz said the attack the media criticism around the last round of appointments approved. “I saw the headlines and between the reality all about.
Support for military appointments are strategic considerations. The appointments are correct, we choose the most suitable people and bring them to the approval of the Minister of Defense, “said Lt. General Gantz.

He added that “the chief aim of education should be: outstanding people in independence, in thought and deed, however, see service for all their main job. The Israeli military has – my husband and freethinkers, and besides with uncompromising commitment to their commanders, the army and the State. “

Maj. Gen. Gershon Hacohen summarized his tenure by saying that “in the past six years I have worked every day in the belief that this place can and should influence the future of our existence in this great country. Here is a spirit formed IDF commanders, security organs and public servants of the country nshsert in purchasing professional trades, gives ground to the control and management of the army and power running.

The priest said that he sought “to develop and grow here, mission-oriented leadership
Vision and leadership-oriented that rise above the constraints of bureaucrats. To make you the understanding that professional knowledge is necessary and should not be underestimated but in itself insufficient professional knowledge to lead to victory. The strong optimism recognized fundamental element in the personality of a leader and found she also always necessary in reality the fight and other matters “.

Referring to his replacement on duty said he was “glad that passes into the hands of a mutual yidtz. Jose arrives here with the spirit of the strategic nature of the Act which
He participated in 5 years “.

NCAA Chief, Gen. Jose Ben yidtz praised his predecessor and said that he
“Today the command of colleges with the understanding of the tasks and challenges facing us in the coming days and years. These challenges require both an updated training of IDF commanders and developing knowledge about the phenomena surrounding us news and hopefully
As many know to be produced to the leaders and commanders to the required information.

“I see myself and us as mimics Judaica colleges,” added the champion.
At yidtz, I found here a common and clearly in an attempt to bring the Mission in this context together act to fulfill our purpose here.

Yidtz Champ thanked his predecessor and said that “in these years the embedded Mark’s backyard
And generations of IDF commanders and leading ” to the national security system. I appreciate how brave and generous open it taught me and allowing me to learn and prepare for the job, wish you the best of luck in continuing your way and hope you fill this role in love, at least like you. “

Translated from Hebrew