Chief of the practice have suddenly “importance”

הרמטכ”ל בשיחה עם אנשי המילואים. צילום: דובר צה”ל

A glimpse of the biggest surprise in recent years: recruiting thousands of reserve servers, practice of training, different commands and logistical readiness assessment

תאריך: 27/07/2015, 22:30    
מחבר: גילי קופר, נטע לוי ומערכת אתר צה”ל

The joint exercise in the General order, arms and wings.
During today (Monday) visited the Chief of general staff, General Gadi Eisenkot, exercise and specify
That has great importance in training this week. “We have decided to exercise the entire army. To practice
There is importance to how we as IDF can fulfill our potential as Israel Defense forces against all threats, protect the country and to win, “said
Lt. General Eisenkot. “This exercise is an exercise teaches you even as soldiers and staff.

Chief of the practice have suddenly “importance”

In the army today. Photo: IDF

Referring to the importance of the suddenly light security with reality faced by the IDF Chief of staff explained that “the threats are changing all the time no changes this young generation’s commitment to defend the country. Our biggest contribution, in reality hit this complex citizens can still live their lives “.

Out of the pit: practice, preparing for the unexpected

During a practice exercise in executing the gzrthiot program developed in operation cliff “and recent operations. “The IDF will offensive action before will stabilize the defense,” the IDF head of operative site in the Operations Division and in charge of the exercise, Maj. Elad.

Chief of the practice have suddenly “importance”

“Most of the exercises in recent years were not on strike or manoeuvre”, said Maj. Elad. Six weeks ago we finished to form the defence and today we take it for the first time in all sectors.
Any control that takes part in exercise shows how he will protect the sector in which it runs.
This is a consolidating defense not only above the ground, but also under it and cyberspace “.

If the last operation before the troops were acting in accordance
Plan of attack which involved elements of defence in the following campaign, things will be different on the IDF separated the programs attack the defensive properties, and defining programs
Designated for protection. “We understand that once you know that we are in the defense sector, Hamas will try to get an attack elsewhere. We need to know how to protect
At the same time and that’s part of what we practice today “, said Maj. Elad. “During combat you can’t know where the enemy”. He said that in preparing the General outlines also threats not encountered until now, noting that “we practice things likely had run them.”

He said that following “the cliff” sharpened the realization that the rear is always close to terrorist intrusions occurred in communities set up wrappers and mortar posed real threat to civilians near the battlefield. “We understand that every action in depth would have us look back” — major Elad. “In the past we didn’t give a warning against פצמ”רים. Now follow the tactical radar system that went into use
In recent months we know “, adding that” we know that there can be surprises and we want to minimize the surprises. “

Auto-dialer on the largest scale in the last ten years.

The servers availability and recruitment system service also examined during this exercise. Telephone recruitment of reserve servers by the Internet dial-up where Adjutant rehearsed all the reserve forces, after a decade in which was an exercise of this magnitude. In fact, using pist Dialer page process because baud autodial enables getting the job in a short time, thereby affecting the rapid arrival to unit.

The array also participated in the exercise, and exercise also established an internal manager who made an extensive and varied list of scenarios, some are based on real cases dealt with the array before. During the exercise to contend with reports of casualties array units, the identification process and the message. The exercise will include a possible scenario of load on the system and parallel events in several locations. making the complicated work and feel but.

Chief of the practice have suddenly “importance”

The exercise also occurs in various commands, the shpickod South emphasizes lessons “Cliff” and will hold various training in command and headquarters, combined all the units. The scenarios range from tackling specific event on the fence to the escalation, the focus will be on the military and the civil administration. The command thousands of reserve soldiers, who have been summoned in order to examine the transition from normal to emergency power.
“The forces command prepared well to various scenarios,” said southern command Chief, Maj. Gen. Solomon (Sammy) 994 with the commanders in the field. “When I look at the preparations and readiness, combined combat forces quality and commanders leading the tasks, I am convinced that we all” challenge.

The logistics side practiced in the exercise. The Wing Commander technology and Logistics Division and practice this week are the transition from normal to large scenario emergency zirati.
For each logistics arena alongside her with men and arms will be examined.
Training and field trips take place in the various sectors to increase preparedness and emergency units section. “The exercise also is meant to improve the readiness and the Logistics Division at the different emergency scenes,” said head of logistics in General, Joanie. “During the exercise, we are working in full cooperation with the various factors
Its participants “.


Translated from Hebrew