Chief of the shooting in Gaza: “we reacted and react with an intensity that need.”

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The General staff said things Gantz at the “Infosecurity” projections, adding
“We have no intention to allow these events to go unanswered” || On the weekends, “complete the command handling by the inquiry.

תאריך: 24/12/2014, 15:38    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל


Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, today (Wednesday) the Conference predictions of ‘ calcalist ‘ in Tel Aviv airport to the border incident.
“Instability is a property of IDF’s life and the State of Israel in every boundaries we should deal with them,” said Lieutenant General Gantz. “We have no intention
To allow these events to go unanswered. Responded instantly and act like the most intelligent and powerful as required across each of cases if and when they will return. “

He was referring to the Chief of investigations in the Givati Brigade. “We don’t run away from less on this,” explained Lt. General Gantz. “We are not ashamed to say that the Givati Brigade troops battalions and outstanding as they fight against a daring the terrorists and bring peace but not release ourselves from the ethical duty to behave properly at the same time.

He said southern command Chief, Maj. Gen. Solomon (Sammy) turgeman, deals with the question of inappropriate behavior in middle school. “Complete the command by the treatment, and collected them because they are brave people,” added Chief.

Lt. General Ganz referring also to the last economic efficiency in recent years,
Saying that “we are the only public servants at smaller set on 2,000 people over the past two years. This course is very difficult, and before coming to an end. “

“I see no situation that someone starts a war, but that the events will develop,” explained Chief “has nothing to do with the State of Israel is a fact security necessity ever
You can ignore it. The answer is security resources, among other things, a chance to not only national imperative. “

Lt. General Ganz added that “a good level of security enabled and allows Israel to continue to prosper as economic debate, as it may be, on broad priorities.

Translated from Hebrew