Chief: servants of Israel security violation determined


Lieutenant General Benny Gantz spoke at an event honoring the service of the Bedouin, the IDF during the year and said: “we serve do not work”

תאריך: 29/10/2013, 20:25    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, tonight (Tuesday) things in “ally” event, held in salute to their service of the Bedouin in the IDF.

“The country is surrounded by enemies were the Bedouin validate partners in the blossoming country construction and the establishment of the IDF – and since the members are an integral part of its strength, the strength
And ability, “said the Chief of staff,” when I look at you, and my explorations in space and pgishothei with
Members of the ADA, I see tens of thousands of officers and soldiers and friends applauded to the firearms evidence for it – a special and lasting relationship between the Jewish people and the Bedouin, who became in later years to States, blood brothers, United States.

“You, our brothers, an integral part of human diversity and equity of the rare servant population in Israel, the Chief of staff, not a living-servers. Pride in believing in the righteousness of way dedication and regardless to return her.
You get “.

“Servers do not work-not to work, no settings, no right to unite. So every year we put the State and thus act, “adding,” our Chief
Need for nonprofits and absent our using. Not to develop huge headlines in the newspaper urging the country to assist in factory workers facing closure.

Lt. General Gantz continued to discuss the status of permanent members and said: “all citizens of the State of
Israel that we have the right to live in security and to know that these workers are not on strike.
Whatever happens to the employment agreements. I know that the State of Israel and shield power-the more powerful servants everywhere, front and rear, air, sea and land.

“In recent times,” said Chief, after an ongoing process of streamlining the IDF which overwhelmingly, like any other body, approved a plan that will lead
Unfortunately, the inevitable breakup of many servants. Do this as little as possible. We do
This fair, fair and deep thought responsible for IDF and future missions, as we see in front of us the challenge national and economic social scene was approved. Yes, we are part of society.

However, the Chief said he “will not give in any way the fundamental rights of the servers. You doing nights as days for the defense of the State of Israel, and get any decent support and you get today as your life is dedicated to the State of Israel security. Any injury you damage Israel security.

Lt. General Gantz said mash’al cynical rapprochement “all the luxuries afforded a basic TOS-sticks and canceled over each stage of her need to raise our voices.”

The increase in army recruiting headquarters

Evening saluting the Bedouins serving in the armed forces “Allied brothers”.
Held at the Bedouin Warrior monument marking 40 years of the day of Atonement. The event was attended by Minister of Defense, the Chief of staff, senior commanders of Bedouins, ADA and the bereaved families.

The Bedouin were willing members to protect the country from the war of independence, then they fought as part of the company plhib, shoulder to shoulder with the Jews. Established in 1959, it served in Sayeret Shaked Bedouins and prevented the entry of terrorist infiltrators to the State.
In the 1970s established the Bedouin patrol battalion, operating at the border. In addition, Bedouins are used as probes in all the country, serve in special units, roles and supporters at the border.

“The security forces headquarters presented tonight is a drop in the bucket compared to all their work and contributions over the years,” said the IDF site Commander, Colonel Yossi Hadad probes. In recent years seem a rise in Bedouin IDF recruitment “to this event.
Thoughts for this subject-object Chief nchohot, Minister of Defense and other officials in this event makes sense of the country towards the Bedouins, “said Col. Hadad,” I have no doubt that the Bedouin population and will continue to do for the safety of the State. “

Translated from Hebrew