Choose life

“המסיבה” של כפיר. צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Regimental training base of ‘ Aisha ‘ took the drug and alcohol in one step. The soldiers were invited to “party” a presentation showing the
The combination between the dangerous driving drop conversion

תאריך: 20/01/2013, 16:00    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Late evening. Dozens of young people entering the Club when playing in trance hits of the Festival “tomoroland”, and reaching hands
Towards the bottles and beer nuts. Not ten minutes go by and changes in party
Petition. The music stopped, the sound emanating from the speakers is none other than sound
Cars colliding, crash. On the walls are not yet party decorations,
But body parts damaged from an accident. Although this is not horror movie scenario, but “choosing life” came as Pier.

The subject of ads to drive under the influence of alcohol, came as Pier to take seriously. After two weeks on “choosing life” conducted in the month (link), which heard the soldiers came and watched the theater, it was decided to hold an event which will highlight came. The base hung fliers carry the party invitations with “free drinks”, “DUI (Driving Under the Influence), and distributed invitations to the August and November 12 cycles, and the preparation for מ”כים course, in honor of the new year.

And what’s the concept? “The idea behind it is trying to move in a different way and the message of the choice in life, which is in our hands,” explained the guide comes Captain annal Malka. “In two weeks where emphasis is very large, and every week the soldiers underwent at least two subject content,” she said.

“We wanted to put the soldiers to their home reality. When a soldier comes home he is looking for a way to unwind, either party or drinking alcohol.
We emphasize that he must not forget its responsibility as a soldier, too, because if you can’t drink, sit behind the wheel, “said Commander back August 12th, major annual fund.

On the faces of the soldiers was the surprise and shock during the performance, and
Doubt that the accident caught them off guard. After what transpired around eager, to talk with the company commander, who develop and asked “which of you has ever been involved in an incident of drinking and driving. The presented them with data, presentation and explanation of the issue legally, when the message is אמ”א responsibility, awareness and enforcement.
“It is important to make soldiers understand what responsibility as soldiers, fighters, over the weekend, and driving under the influence of alcohol is not acceptable,” said the Commander, “the incident swept the troops elsewhere, including exposed and talked about their personal side
On the subject “.

The education officer, second lieutenant about levenfeld, along with educational staff worked on the event, which was held for the first time came. “we didn’t want to go to a room with photographs and sad music, but rather a dancing freely and spend and think their superiors did an event for the new year, and suddenly feel the shock. They will cut and so next time think twice before passing on the wheel “.

Translated from Hebrew