Choose the future leaders of the air force

Special program of the air force locates outstanding officers and trained them to become the next Commander. Introducing leadership school of the air force.

תאריך: 23/01/2013, 10:25    
מחבר: שיר גולן, אתר חיל האוויר

Israel citizens choose the next Knesset. Meanwhile, the halls of the school leadership and command of the air force, focusing on a younger generation of leaders: the commanders in the Israeli air force.

The program hailit excellence, school leadership and command 20 officers with the rank of captain in amarchim. Every month, they break for a day of religion or the cockpit and learn about charge and transportation. “Every organization there is a small group that makes the difference,” explains major Eldad, Chief personal development trend in school.
“This unique program are outstanding officers, we want to cultivate so will future command and reach key positions. In the programme we give them.
The tools to do it better. “

Captain Sparrow, a fighter pilot and an instructor at the flight school, has the ability to impact on the next generation of air force pilots. As a guide, students 18, promote them and educate them to independence, “he clarifies the importance of the role. “We have no manuals
Just teach them to fly, but also designers.

Under the program, the students talking about prominent leaders in Israeli history and their personal vision, met with senior army and Navy and visitors.
Sites like mount Herzl and community assistance, to develop their leadership capabilities. “For me, command and leadership means to lead you, even in the air and on the ground,” says Captain guy, a pilot in the Squadron “flying dragon”. “You have to know what’s good for people, good for the mission and to bring everyone home safely.

Translated from Hebrew