“Citizens, get as close as possible.”

Lt. Col. Levi itach, head thrown in the HFC, reveals that in charge are trying to produce a personal warning, inter alia by increasing the capacity of evaluation.
Fall focus points relating

תאריך: 02/07/2012, 15:37    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Head of the home front command Squad, Lt. Col. Levi itach, participated last week in a missile defense Conference held in airport city. As the first industry established in expired (r. p. – front command) only last year, Lt. Col. itach survey mission
The long years of alert and activity in the sector.

“Such measures have changed over time, because now the enemy realizes he doesn’t have a chance in a military maneuver against the State of Israel. Therefore, it is effortless method where the home is
A type of soft belly, “said Lieutenant Colonel itach. Currently, the procurement plans of the enemy engaged
In the context of a massive fire on the State of Israel. “It works for large ranges and in large quantities”, said Lieutenant Colonel itach.

As a result of this reality on the Israeli home front maintain strength and expiration are trying to preserve the functional continuity in the fall, while dealing with threats of firing תמ”ס (r. p. – steep course) and effective warning to the population. “The purpose of the alert is to allow citizens to take defensive measures, in order to minimize the damage. On the alert and to be immediate guidance and address the risk and consequences, because this is the information that citizen expects, “explained Lieutenant Colonel itach. Notification to the relevant person in every place and time, focused, reliable and agreed. “We do it to save lives,
To narrow the scope of casualties and to allow the functioning of the economy “, said Lieutenant Colonel itach.

During his speech, Colonel itach statistics revealed that all 100 rockets towards Israel have bulbs one killed. The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the attitude of citizens relating to given them. “The shmntachim, the ahatr waves to civilians, but many people refer to it as something personal,” explained Lieutenant Colonel itach. Therefore, the individual warning expired produce as possible, inter alia by increasing the capacity of the evaluation and the focus fall alerts.

10 National Division areas, is the State of Israel in a situation where she is divided into 127 zones. “Soon to be” areas, said Lt. Col. 142 itach. However, emphasizes that the HFC ready for combat scenario. “Bktaim may, in particular, might be fighting right click the button and enter the country. However, surface-to-surface missiles side risk are heavy and they will deal with them in the appropriate situation, “explained Lieutenant Colonel itach.

Utilizing all platforms to save lives.

Long arms of alert regarding virtually any digital media and citizen. “We want to take advantage of all platforms in favor of life saving warning – the siren, and the pages targeted to outdoor billboards, TVs
The radio, the Internet and mobile devices, “stated Colonel itach. The current vision of the industry is creating the Union, warning to all such needs, even those who do not.
To this category belong to natural disasters and man-made disasters such as a fire at Mount Carmel.
“We aim to create a national infrastructure to distribute warnings and instructions for the HFC and internal security bodies and rescue”, said Lieutenant Colonel itach.

The convening of the emergency organisations in one place will lead to productivity and enable more effective shared infrastructure of the warning. “We aim to be conducted when infrastructure of connected vessels, of the police’s ability to disseminate information on emergencies. This national approach and build, “said Lieutenant Colonel itach. Meanwhile, the home front command to create חמ”ל (r. p. – the war room) with the air force, in conjunction with the air defense command.

Many factors involved in the detection, identification and alert before rocket makes the HFC to complex work, the wait time for more critical and create doubts. “On the one hand want to achieve maximum focus, but on the other hand we don’t want to hurt in the operation,” Lieutenant Colonel tmagnot itach your priorities
The dynamic.

The alert did not miss the point of analysis, too, in what is called “Psycho-physiology of the alert. To ensure that citizens relate to the alert and wise up.
In time to reach safe areas practice home front command to work on the greatest number of senses. “We are dealing with notification sound, and people can feel them. Accomplish this by using variable text in billboards, auditory warning, vibrating pagers and more “, said Lieutenant Colonel itach. “Ultimately, these extensions are made to save lives,” said Lieutenant Colonel itach.

Translated from Hebrew