Civics lesson.

רוני אפרת, דובר צה”ל

AVI (Avraham) Barry, 19-year old, it’s been everything. He smuggled to Guinea to Africa when he was 15, and began the journey, through the prison for minors and agricultural school “balls”, being the first refugee was granted
Him Israeli citizenship. Now he also recruited to the Israeli air force

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מחבר: רוני אפרת

My face at Camp 80 staff get AVI (Avraham) Barry young 19 year-old, wearing another hat, b b chutept shirt term. This is the third time that he gets to be interviewed last week, and it seems he practiced and briefed. He’s laughing, sighing, seriousness and paused by ritual foretold, won me with accurate in fluent Hebrew that aroused almost prissy. After week boot camp at full maturity average score 80, two years and four years in the country, father Barry, the first refugee who received Israeli citizenship, enlisted in the army and explained what Israel.

He knows great Hebrew. “But sometimes I scream ‘ listen ‘ for Chief, I still hear people laugh. I don’t understand it, “he wonders, from foreign accent, before I do anything, I always think how it would make me feel if else gives me the same”. He stressed that this is one of the principles that accompany him forever, especially after four years Rome, imprisoned and was disappointed.

Youth working or studying?

Father (Ibrahim) born in Guinea in Western Africa. His father died with his birthday, his mother died when he was 13 and living with his uncle. The shaky relationship.
Among them, found himself while he lived from hand to mouth, earning fought “to eat and spend the day,” he said. “I order goods in the market for selling
One, “he recalls,” he told me that his employees in Israel are making lots of money, roughly $ 1,000 a month. He asked me to join them. I realized it was my chance, and I agreed. Shortly afterwards received a plane ticket and a little pocket money from him, he promised his good work and direct entry to the Holy land.

After an intermediate landing in Morocco in camp. AVI, then 15, was abducted into a van along with people I didn’t know. “They lined us up like sardines, he searches for the word
Suitable and cethak from the image, “called on us. My heart fucked hard, didn’t know what was going on. ” That night stopped the truck in the middle of the desert. “We came to a Bedouin tent and met there six girls, Ukrainian and Russian, about my age. I’ve known polanit (common language in Guinea-r) and French. We talked with. One of them told me that not everyone comes to Israel eventually and explained to me that I probably lied to me about the money.
I was lost “. For 13 days they were held in a tent. Two 15-year-old Bedouin with Kalashnikov assault rifles guarded us “, says,” we drank just water with worms.

At the central station orphaned father. The person who was supposed to wait for him, refused to appear. After long anticipation turned to fellow Ethiopian which saw French indiscretions which outlined his way to a nearby factory, where staying migrant workers.
The factory also., Côte d’Ivoire, who spoke fluent French. Father told him.
In the past. “He asked me to move in with him for $ 200, and said he would help me.
To contact or get a permit to stay in Israel. A month living with the same guy and his wife, sent by Bureau personnel to rear eating as a dishwasher for minimum wage, and continued to send letters to or according to instructions. Finally, the expected answer is to trek it to the interview.

“You’re not a refugee,” the Committee or paragraph about him, “no war” in Guinea. He
Turned his attention to his young age, itmotho and need to support himself. “The kids don’t work Israel, replied,” they’re going to learn. ” Now, at the Gospel as only a memory, my father’s eyes. He was happy. “Next comes to the apartment or I had a tiny bag with shampoo, towel and shorts, I took him with me.
From there we drove to Shanti. On arrival, he joined the movement “hanoar haoved vehalomed”, where he studied Hebrew and the friends and teachers. He received a visa six months old, which was renewed by the United Nations for six months. “After a year I got a letter from the United Nations, they said I should return to Guinea. Just the thought of that employer who requires his expense money back, terrifying him. “It’s not like here, there’s rules,” he apologized, “I left Beit hashanti. Learn Hebrew seemed longer. “

Family and half

My father returned to normal. He returned to live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, crowded and polluted with some foreign workers, while was working in the morning and going out in the evenings. One night we went to a club, returned at 5 a.m., he pulled away slightly, and
Safely, everyone fell asleep. Suddenly banging on the door, someone is going to break it. ” It was the immigration police. “Visa, Visa, visa”, ordered the police on staying in the room than they began to remove all pieces of paper which they possess. Neither, of course, held in possession of such certificate. Father introduced them stay permit which has expired. After the resist, decided that it is better to go with them. He was taken to a mountaintop on the outskirts of Hadera, a prison for minors.

On arrival to the prison, where other foreign minors who were seized by immigration police, called father, relies on melody of “youth”. He came right away. “He asked me what I wrote and I immediately started to handle the problems, to
I can get. My passport to get desert Bedouins, then gave me a certificate to
To sign and could return to Guinea. I refused to sign any attacker. After one month,
Chen returned along with Susanna, agricultural boarding school teacher “who knew balls beforehand.
Is married with four children, heard the story of my father and wanted to adopt him into her family.
The next day two. Some feared, but experience has taught me that it’s a terrific thing, there are lots of people who want to help. “

The following sequence of events is a little excited, childish concrete and certain less like experiencing it right now. “They explained to me what the rules are, no drinking and no violence. I tried to explain to them what man I’m going to be, but how do we explain this? I couldn’t. Signed certificate, it was conditional. I could have stayed in Israel until age 18. I was almost 17. Believed they help extend
My stay was happy. They released me and we drove.

Hard training.

The monikers “father” and “mother” ו”אחיי” roll on his naturally almost accidental. The three arrived at the settlement, next to the database to, and later to a family that believes in the admirable magnanimity. Two days later joined to the Passover seder at his home again. For the first time in a long time, he felt he belonged. “Yet
I felt comfortable, but I knew there was someone out there for me. ” My father started the school year ב”כדורי” cried she. The Hebrew has become familiar in his mouth, and a few months later has already approached adulthood, in history. “I was just happy that I passed.
It was so hard. Each time I was lazy, had spurred parents to continue to learn. Think you would live in a polanit! “

In addition to independent authorities which letters sent to the Interior Ministry, please extend
The duration of his stay and to grant him Israeli citizenship, the study, my father always enlightening and even thrived. Zichoho studies on a visa, which allowed him to finish his studies. “At the end of grade 12 called me Minister Meir Sheetrit, who was then Interior Minister, to his Office. He read letters from my parents and gave me himself temporary resident certificate. I get confused. “Temporary resident, red diploma,” he repeated with a bit of impatience, “civics.” He explains that it is a renewable certificate each year, Asher and prevents certain rights which are granted only if you have blue identity cards, such as voting in elections and raising the army “second-class citizen certificate,” he concludes with a smile.

At the same time, from his school and his family, the discourse about the issue. School friends who have Israeli citizenship, most recruits. My father, an officer and two soldiers, expressed willingness. “Cried she was a gadn, I even have identification excels at. It was a sense of belonging. Since I feel. I read the papers, watch the news in French, he must know what’s happening in your country. And it amazes me how so young people have so much power and influence management. You get out of the army as an adult and knows how to behave and how to manage because you have learned well. He can point to the turning point, but a few months after receiving the red card, called father accompanied his parents to the Interior Ministry, where he has been granted a blue identity card, Israeli citizenship. The first thing I did was exported from the building is to enter the structure to recruiting office and sign up for the first miveni.

Easy battle

My father again new framework with other experiences, the better.
An almost inhuman reality came to the line when he is accompanied by a photo that commemorate teams. A few days later interviewed for a newspaper. Before the interview he asks permission from company headquarters to call and inform the parents. Commanders have difficulty not languish from oozing charisma. But between the moments of glory, my father was a soldier, like other soldiers. The discipline he knows the gadn and mom and dad. “Tomorrow we get weapons, today started to learn about him,” he shares, but admits that the members of the army is a share less. “I’m not doing too much silence. I really think investor. It’s important. So my story I tell, I still can’t connect enough. “

The interview is in full confidence about the near future and. “Offered me to go to the designated officer. I wanted to be a paratrooper, but a problem with the leg won’t let me. Very
It’s important for me to be an officer, to be able to manage. I’m still thinking about it, but I know that will be good. ”
I’m going to finish, but he shoots, “you don’t want to ask what I want to do in the future?” What I’m saying. “I want to finish and graduate
International relations, engage in diplomatic relations between Israel to Guinea. I want to go back, but only to visit, as an officer with a certificate. To help people who are down to see my uncle. He even know I got citizenship. And after an impressive speech, when asked how he sees himself in the future, without the slightest hesitation before I pronounce the last syllable: “leader”.

Translated from Hebrew