Clever Intelligence Division at the project “Google Street View” in Israel

צילום מתוך Google Street View

The shooting carried out by the company were done in cooperation with information security department in the IDF, which prevented photos of sensitive facilities and determined in advance limited journey paths to photo

תאריך: 16/05/2012, 13:19    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Behind the scenes of “Google Street View” which launched in Israel at the end of the month, allowing skiers to watch closer through the cities Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, security officials in the Security Department of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Division, in order to prevent the publication of images that reveal classified information.
And locations of security installations operating in Israel.

UM official told the newspaper “bamahane” published this week that “until a few months ago,
No photos in the country information security considerations. Following the recognition of Google for our needs.
When special maoiimat by State terrorism and Tin, we decided to by law to cooperate with the company. After all, we are a democratic State. “

Contacts between Google charge began a year ago in order to confirm the photographs in Israel. The negotiations led the National Security Council, which established a special manager to coordinate the role of society in Israel and to verify that they indeed take place as agreed.

According to the agreement between Google and the Israel security services, the company moved to the travel path manages the planned vehicles are installed with special cameras documenting the blocks. In charge of safety defined travel path “limited” to those cars and prevented them to photograph roads where it is forbidden for vehicles to move at all, freeways surrounding military bases, roads where allowed to travel but not filming and roads permitted.

“We discussed about secret facilities that were not even known to the public and are not recognized as a full-fledged military facilities, such as diorth where are interviews or polygraphs, told a couple who noted that” eventually it was decided to confirm the photographs in most selected optimal shell points and integrating between security needs and the desire
Google’s photograph as possible. “

The average advance marine photo issued by Google and prevent animal car port with special characteristics from the bases are nearby hiking trails. He also denied the existence of training in EM that expose military tactics classified in those days.
ב”במחנה” reported that the subjects were equipped with detection and security officials followed
Other special situation movements.

Translated from Hebrew