“Cliff” IDF: calculate how much photo is?

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

New חמ”ל towel the resources go-operation and efficient tracking and accurate after all logistics or they need training. Through unique roles as officer fighting costs, unique control body emphasize: “double effective than we were before.”

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

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“Cliff” IDF: calculate how much photo is?

New South חמ”ל command manages all resources hostilities and first used in operation” Cliff “. The situation is every aspect needed to go to land forces on the recruitment of fighters in reserves through technological means, the deadline.

The situation where people sit about (include service order powers), the function was limited, responsible for the far-reaching management hatiialviot “big picture” of the activity. So, for example, how are the orders of the General staff about the possibility of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip and preparations. In the past received several orders from perform every day, which led to frequent changes in preparations. Now comes a situation one day command enables thorough and orderly. “Do we accept the previous command in the morning, get it and get another command at noon and then on 17, told IDF head of recruitment site and mtchllat the recruitment service, reserve Maj. Karen.


Regular updates
-Faster, more

The men received lessons from operation ‘ pillar ‘ and conducted exercises in the procedure. Based on lessons learned, they initiated a thorough transformation and streamline. “We’ve increased the amount of Assembly members at 300 percent, and trained them to the scenarios over the past two years. In addition, initiated a well-equipped חמ”ל that allows effective and coordinated work,” said the medical corps and head of the southern command and organization, Lieutenant Colonel Pom. “They are sensitive units answered to their requirements, they are treated until they come true,” testified. “I think we are nearly twice as efficient than we were before,” emphasized.

Before the operation, said פק”ל fighting resources regulated, which defines stakeholders
New ones. One of them is fighting charges that officer know at any given time to calculate and indicate what
The cost of the operation. Moreover, the PAC has also setup an officer training, “with the understanding that they are an important resource for training combat too,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Pom. “Training in staging areas before entry, and even during the campaign,” she explained.

“Affect how” campaign

Also in operation ‘ pillar ‘ asked units to display property to the requirements, but not always resources are tracked another quality iluan. “Today the representatives from each Division and send us. We recommend wide vision, head of command certificate, present it to the Joint Chiefs, and hopefully approved among the political echelon “, major Foundation. “The orders are coming in much more relevant to the needs
Units, and the process is organized in many, “stated.

The topic is also demonstrated by the Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Pom. ‘ Cloud ‘ ב’עמוד our working method was much more reactive and less than planned. Now we have the manpower and the ways of working that enable us to plan and be effective, “she said.

One of the most important changes is the planning cell setting. The cell also works in the procedure, connect to the following campaign planning, and try to anticipate the mshaviot meanings. Officer
Partner planning to prepare for war, and cuts some facts from reservists called and where, what measures they will get and how much it cost. “Whether he can also affect the back, not just to report the rising needs. Of course, this
The goal, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Pom.


Translated from Hebrew