Close to suck some

רותם ליניק

How do you feel when they say warfare that she remains “to close Saturday, just before she was ready to go home? Rotem Linnik, Caracal, anti-terrorist was able to take my shit cool.

תאריך: 30/06/2012, 18:48    
מחבר: רותם ליניק, קרקל

The week began with a promising way: returned on Monday to the base after the holiday, knowing that in four short days, but exhausting. testing the end-come home! I came prepared accordingly, with 4 pairs of socks and ultra-high-temperature small.

The first column of Rotem

Monday and Tuesday we had without rest, because navigation and the rollup test lasted two consecutive days without much sleep. On Wednesday I went through testing and track testing shooting
After much effort and I prepared myself mentally for this weekend in the doorway. But as always, when you do not expect
That it is coming. On Wednesday night, the Word conversion: Saturday.

Any soldier experiencing these moments, especially warriors. You can see the end of this week, feel alert, then ports, Al אבט”ש or unplanned, no House. These situations make me think of the term “stress”. Do we have as soldiers to be like that or is it just a bad habit?

Always fun to go back home. To get out of uniform, something to eat, to see people who love to get up without an alarm clock, even doing nothing. Always fun to come home and I don’t dispute. But there is a fine line between waiting to go home, and counting the days, hours and minutes until we leave. I found it really gets to me and the people around me — when I think of the House on Saturday, the less I want to automatically be on base, then
I’m less invested and at least give myself what I was doing, and the simplest–enjoy being there.

So I decided to try, this time when Saturday’s ceremonial shanhito me while I was supposed to leave, to take it in another. And it is quite successful. Instead of upset recovery, enjoyed the talks I’ve had with people on Friday, or saving in the bunker that evening, from family and friends who came to visit (However, jachnun-cereal-fruit salad-cakes for breakfast and after 5 minutes-Pizza-Pasta-saved Cuba-watermelon for lunch there every day) and just had spare time to sleep and rest, not when I get home.

So yes, come back home on Saturday, but mostly we aren’t there, but the name calling-have taken to keep the State and the peace of the residents
Israel. We are stationed in bases, coming on each. There is a long run
The time of our lives, and that’s a fact. The fact is, our life and home, some enjoy and some issues. This is the choice of each and every one of us.

Translated from Hebrew