Closing operational cooperation between inland air wing

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The unit commander for the air force, Col. Yaron, said that
Both arms train in unprecedented scale, while maintaining a common language and discourse between senior commanders

תאריך: 27/02/2012, 13:25    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Cooperation unit of the air force held yesterday (Mon) day
Browse to the class officers and from palmachim airbase. In the seminar, in which participated
Dozens of Deputies and officers in champions champions, focused on deepening the theme
In cooperation with the high level and common language between sharpening applied to blue
The green.
The day opened the Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan, a conversation about
The issue of cooperation between arm aerospace wing land on broad and extensive doctrine. Then focused on participating in any topic in depth, from the battle, and vessel
The manned aircraft and combat helicopters. After the theoretical part referred to some
The acts of the day, including a common practice of incorporating air in the Divisional battle with flight simulators and trainer helicopters.

“The main aim of course is to enhance our co-operation with the air force, which currently stands at a very good place, and with the proper preparations along with highlights and depth on this subject, as we do today, we could make the six mentioned,” said פד”ם קמב”ץ, Lieutenant Colonel guy Biton, who will soon become a Division Commander guy.

“This is an important opening shot. All of the future is here today must take his hands off the conclusions of the seminar and to apply. We are here to share with each other the needs, desires and expectations from each other and this is a significant step, “said Lt.-Col.
Beaton, who noted favorably that the close cooperation between the air forces to land around 12 road attack last August. “My challenge is that if we attack
Addition, the air force would be more effective and our Division work closely, following the conclusions of this day occurred, “he explained.
The only Commander to cooperate, Col. Yaron, told IDF website that “this day is important in Greece, which builds to commanders in the rank level infrastructure and conceptual connection between the air force to land. Col. Yaron said the inspection pass training to officers from the junior level, and the importance of the seminar and the course is much marrow because they “determine the strength of the task and the air force connection strengths among mainland and war. To succeed, not just technical capabilities neshan but also on perceptions, personal background and experience accumulates.

The Commander added that “we are trying to right the commanders clearly and correctly the activation of the air force of interfaces in order to have better tools to force in combat. Meanwhile, said Col. Yaron that importance on personal encounters of Greece, the result is that there is a sense that there is nowhere else to turn and who to ask, and thus build confidence between the two arms. The training Commander referred to
The cooperation that exists today between the air force, saying that currently exist in unprecedented scale, the shared language and there are very good between. “This is a very complex task which requires a lot of synergy between the arms,” he said.

In addition, Col. Yaron future activities only name them for emphasis. One of the highlights is implementing a training program built in the past three years, including תו”לים and perceptions about the collaboration. Another focus is the creation of shilobies school, which is currently in the process of thinking and construction, and the main role would be to land on professional training of the air force and vice versa.

Translated from Hebrew