Cloud than through innovative training award: Division 7 summarizes 2012

At the Conference, summarized in work Division is active in various sectors. פצ”ן Champion:” Division has demonstrated a high level of training and agility ב’עמוד cloud list action. “

תאריך: 14/01/2013, 17:24    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

7 division returned last week the 2012 General Conference officers meet and soldiers. The Conference concludes a busy year on the task; Ongoing tasks throughout the country, innovative training earns them an award, and preparations in the South for possible activity in pillar.

The Commander of northern command, Gen. Yair Golan who attended the Conference, said that “d e
Finish these days winter cold and wet training, which proved a high rate. The Division has demonstrated a deft action list for declining to pillar.

The command, which was last winter’s Training Division, and the added importance of the fighter Division of northern command. “The Division sought a variety of scenarios in practice. While that in training. Present and future challenges are falling from Shaw past challenges and things continued to lead in Oz the IDF armor “.

Cloud than through innovative training award: Division 7 summarizes 2012

7th armored brigade at practice last year. Photo Archive: Yuval Hecker, דו”ץ.

The Brigade Commander, Col. encouraging faith, also made his troops. “Finished successful training period now where we prepared to respond to any scenario where required. During okaptzno training to pillar and saw you on the highlights, full of motivation and determination.
We are ready to fight anywhere, anytime thanks to each soldier. The responsibility rests with us to continue the legacy and maintain security of the State of Israel and its people. “

The recognition of successful training, the Division with the end of the year.
7th armored brigade won a competition that included the women’s divisions, including paratroopers and Golani, Givati Brigade. The prize, which was awarded by GoC army headquarters, training innovation and quality performance. 7th armored brigade is Armor Division in the IDF, and the only women’s divisions work since the war of independence. Bshimosha, tank Merkava mark 2, considered obsolete among armored divisions, but the heritage
The heroic soldiers and are the object of admiration for all IDF commanders. “path is a path Division battles the history of the State of Israel. To fight shoulder to shoulder with many of the soldiers and commanders during years of fighting in Lebanon. In all these places I found always resolute, brave warriors, stubborn, immersed in the mud at the source;
Passion, belev belligerent summed up the champion.

Translated from Hebrew