Coat of arms of Weingarten: “I felt that I had nothing to lose.”

סמל וינגרטן בקבלת הצל”ש. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Weingarten, wave killed after terrorists got his throat slashed his throat and brought the first shadow Kfir Brigade, “there are no doubts: he returns to be a warrior.

תאריך: 26/04/2012, 13:29    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

It was a routine arrest for “LaVie battalion fighters” of the Kfir Brigade.
Intel trusted by Khaled’s hamara prisoner released from Shalit who was suspected of smuggling money for terrorist activity, ripped them from routine directly into Yatta village, South of Mount Hebron. In the afternoon, a class of the company’s operations to the suspect’s House, while the Department that took the job.

Wave icon Weingarten, a medic in company, already used for operational activities consisting in Judea and Samaria, but he felt that something was going to be different this time. “Sent us into custody of released Shalit, and to close the road in the village,” he recalls, about a month after. “When there is the presence of the army in the country generally created a mess, and it didn’t happen this time. It’s been a 40-minute peaceful gatherings and 400-500 Palestinians in the middle of the village. About seven meters from us was a crowd of about 70, and at some point come person who asked me to go. I told him to go back, and the second after
It was yelling across the detection, and everyone’s attention moved there, “he says. From that moment, the event turned out very quickly, and if it weren’t for sharp senses and composure of the rare Weingarten was similar.

The Palestinian who approached him and another Palestinian, attacked him with a knife blade have. One held him tightly, while other attacking him back and slit his throat. As the blade cuts his throat, Sergeant Weingarten sent to terrorist elbow that hangs on
His back and pushed the other. “I had no thoughts at the moment, you don’t.
Nothing to lose, “he says thoughtfully. This is the stage which pushed my elbow, “he instructed in smile on the curve in a long scar that stretched all across his throat,” Luckily saved me
The carotid artery “.

The terrorists fled for their lives, blurred the bustle in the village. “While rotating realized blood., then I turned them down to the squat position and fired them 4
Balls, “he recalls. “I woke up after that and I told everyone it was shooting, I shot. Went a few meters to our force, and told you I got you. I took all the equipment vest, I lay on the ground and grabbed by the neck. I had a few seconds I thought I might
Die. I felt a lot of blood splattered my neck but not freaked out or scared. I knew I was going to make it. “

“An honor to bring the first shadow Division”

Those seconds of resourcefulness and calm the credit
Wave icon Weingarten in commendation of OC Central command, Maj.-Gen. Nitzan Alon, after examining the signals Committee activities. Fredric r. Mann Auditorium in Ariel, where honours ceremony, decorated with flags and commanding the joyful atmosphere. GAL’s mother and father, Nicole and Ofer Weingarten, the show and proud parents of students in the lobby, Congress is spinning slightly embarrassed again in class a and M-16 hanging on his clothes at all anymore. Many senior officers approached him and his parents, well cared for as you push your hands.  “We’re very proud of that wave, and I’m happy we’re not happy ceremony today at the ceremony with another character,” says his mother, Nicole, her eyes flashing with excitement. When he joined the Kfir knew he would be a good soldier, but we weren’t thinking about special mention boxes? “, she adds.

Icon Weingarten rolling story won him a shadow, the champion of the Division for the young Aisha, he admits that he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. “To be honest, I think most people would react like I did in this situation, and I don’t really understand the enthusiasm of the people around it,” he says seriously,
“The thing I really liked is that almost none of my friends didn’t want to join the Kfir except me, and being the first shadow”.

The shooting of Sergeant Weingarten terrorists was accurate, especially considering his injury. One of the guerrillas was killed and the other seriously injured, without harming the rest of the force or the many bystanders who were in the range. “He’s amazing,” magic constant, Lt.-Col.
Lion Schori on subordinate astray, “there was no damage to the rest of the casual and the Palestinians who were there, and it is functioning. We train the soldiers night shooting after effort, but wave did.
That a few levels above all shooting after stabbing, “he explains.

“I don’t regret anything, I repeat it again. If they hadn’t jabbed, they’re trying to kill somebody else, “says,” actually, especially disgusting, we see many Palestinian villages, arrests, and after a few months you can get into complacency. Need to keep on guard because it can happen to anyone. “

“You just have to be a fighter.”

Although its set, its hard thrusting blade terrorists missed
Mm the main artery in the neck, no wave icon Weingarten flounder for a second if return
1A back in.  “Even before he went into surgery, he talked to me and made it clear that he intends to return to the regiment as a warrior, magic, Lieutenant Colonel Schori.
“Of course,” says Weingarten icon after one you just have to be a warrior. I want to be wearing my company company.

But the resourcefulness of Weingarten, the operation for the event by the company has won appreciation among senior command, and saved his life. Deputy Company Commander that, Lt. Tommy Farkas, first what happened and gave orders while handling of GAL. “Write that is a stud,” Weingarten “logo is the first to figure out what happened, and my neck until the ambulance arrived.

GAL’s parents also understand the significance of the quick response of Lieutenant Prakash. “I want to thank personally the Commander who saved his life, and all the around and wave us,” admits father offer “received 10 calls in a short time we have updated us on his condition, and he talked to us on the phone and laughed. It was very relaxing. Good atmosphere, announcing drastic situation stemmed not only from the positive character, but also trained as a medic.
“The paramedics told us to always cooperate with the wounded, and to distract him, so I said to myself that I will share with you, and when I was in the ambulance I laughed and asked her to put me, laughing now”.

After Sergeant Weingarten returned to Division, Commander of the Kfir Brigade, Colonel UDI Ben resent him personally called 45 minutes. “I wanted to find out who is behind the action soldier, and a soldier above average values,” says proudly, “marrow is now
Responsibly, because now it becomes a symbol for all of us. Also outstanding. “

Translated from Hebrew