Col. (Ret.) empty dglanim “: yell!”

אל”מ (במיל’) רוקני. צילום: דובר צה”ל

List of flags for independence day ceremony will this year are shorthanded, as a result of the tragic accident that claimed the life of the late Deputy Raj night

תאריך: 24/04/2012, 13:36    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Col. (Res.) David rokni, who became a national icon, this month.
30th time to manage the list of flags in the 64th independence day ceremony for the State of Israel. Col. (Ret.) rokni comes equipped with a unique team of resistors from the home front command, helping him build the festive ceremony of the year. “Every year I meet different people, and it’s always good,” Col. (Ret.) empty. The Director of the ceremony are always also the famous Sgt.-major, no less – רנ”ג (RES) that, being island in preparation for the 33rd time in his life. Among the people who came to see and monitor the רמ”ד rituals were repetitions wing personnel, Lt. Col. Oded nahari, and discipline head, Lt.-Col. Oren Avraham, Minister of information and diaspora, MK Yuli Edelstein.

Tragic event interrupted returns to independence day ceremony and the great atmosphere of the unfortunate among dglanim, soldiers, officers and non-commissioned officers who were present. Lighting pole collapsed during rehearsals for the ceremony, which caused the death of Lieutenant Hila, one of Raj dglnity, also led to the wounding of six soldiers. Col. (Ret.), empty, connecting all
Change link with the soldiers and soldiering was in place when the incidents occurred.

The dglanim worked out to create the structure of the State, the seven barrels, when noticed in mine. “At the same time, went to the bleachers. to see
The resulting shape look on. According to the movements of the soldiers and the shifted their eyes left and right,
I realized something was up and I began to see the light “, Col. (Ret.), dump the split-second before the disaster. The speech amplifier is always authoritative voice performer
“Forward, March!” threw a completely different words. “I instinctively two words: ‘! God, aloud, soldiers have already started to run, “says empty. Sadness and sorrow become public domain, as well as dglanim of Col.
(RES) empty. “Every person who hears a case that horrified,” he says. Home of the late Deputy Raj night came twice during the seven and also visited the wounded in hospital.

Col. (Ret.) empty dglanim “: yell!”

Following the Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin decided to light a torch with terror of late night Deputy Raj. “No matter what, it doesn’t give a mother reduces pain. She raised her daughter for 20 years, and lost it, “said Col. (Ret) sadly empty. Despite this statement, the initiative also specified the flag parade ceremony tribute in memory. “I created the structure of the dglanim lived, but the building is missing. Where the position left empty word and communion focus photography instead of this empty shakrein announce the void, “he explains.

Despite the shock and grief, support calls and conducted among the participants, managers and Familiars are his controls, modernized rehearsal the next day. “I talk to the soldiers, but put them on track. Once employing them, it is easier to handle and understand that despite everything, life must go on. “

All Cornet marching 16 kilometres every day.

In the unfortunate case and dealing with its consequences, dglanim back to March. Col. (Ret.) rokni, sheds light on the preparations for the 30th time in his life.
“The word ‘ excited ‘ is the right word, I’m more alert toward the ceremony than excited.”
He says.

The independence day ceremony rehearsals begin 21 days prior to the ceremony. His family, along with the families of other officers and NCOs that managers and supervisors on the ceremony, already used to this time of year, they are recruited to serve the country in celebration of the year.

As part of preparing to rehearse, rokni is the man who chooses the dglanim by distinct criteria. “They should have regular walking fitness and coordination,” he agrees.
To expose some of the considerations that lead him to choose from. He dglanim height ranges from
170-185 cm.

The Workshop consists of marching and create shapes, ikrato viewers with bird’s eye, both raw materials in the hands of professionals. “Rehearsals require long walking adglanim throughout the day. Until today I didn’t know how far they’re marching, and measurements conducted by one of the soldiers discovered that the dglanim marching during rehearsals is 16 miles each day, revealing Col. (Ret.) empty the numerical statistic experience mainly dglanim. According to Col. (Ret.), empty the exercise follows back after measuring and pnmato. “We repeat all the exercises until you have created a sequence, thus the process is built,” he explains in the face.

The complex work is creating shapes and various human structures, which requires rigor and adglanim concentration. Besides the traditional structures – David, the seven barrels (the country) and the independence of the country, the year the original buildings marked “water-source of life”. “When I learned about this year, I realized I need to start thinking about it. I haven’t slept for 48 hours until I found out what I can do with it, and gradually came to my ideas, “says Col. (Ret) empty hectic work place has changed.

Col. (Ret.) empty dglanim “: yell!”

In smile retiring Colonel (Ret.) rokni, ideas that will mount on
H. structures. “First, we will present one of the most important water sources. Then be displayed well, function indicating the connection between water for agriculture, water tower and waterfall that powers a turbine to generate electricity, “he reveals. From these forms, also of watercraft and water faucet dripping.

Col. (Ret.) rokni himself gained the appreciation and skills over years of work and contribution to the IDF who began his career in the Golani Brigade and served her 14 years and
20 years in training roles are recruited each year to reserve for the ceremony. Four years ago, received a lifetime achievement award at a ceremony in management human resources department head, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Elazar Stern and even managed to get compliments from the international community on the meticulous ceremony. In the years waged the ceremony served as a course resistors,
And during which kept the tight and close with his right hand, רנ”ג (RES) that Zadok.

The home front command, each year on the independence day ceremony, military and more.
From the relationship between the military and civilians, he fully Prep partner. “The home front command is my master, and I get all the help I need,” notes Col. (Ret.) empty. In the command, the IDF’s flags and the State of Israel moved to duty after being held for a year by GoC army headquarters (7).

Rokni, for which the ceremony is a real life and tradition – years indicates
The importance of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. “This ceremony gives encouragement, because after a row.
Of occurrences in which the IDF was involved throughout the year-see who is able to put
Discipline of troops and when they are required to perform, “Col. (Ret.) empty. “It represents the personal example and perhaps tell a little about what is going on in the military. It is the responsibility of each and every one, especially commanders, regarding the level of discipline and precision, “he adds. Participation in the ceremony is done of course voluntary, which never hit the desire to participate. “Everyone come in wanting to participate, not the not necessarily,” says Col. (Ret) empty.

Mount Herzl, symbolizing the resurrection of the Jewish people and belonging to the country house.
Israel, move to dglanim. Men and women, officers and non-commissioned officers and officers, ngdoth – all become one piece on the floor, in front of citizens of the State of Israel.
Col. (Res.) David rokni looks as always great investment that libation at the most important national State. In the past and remembers looking into the future, sharp voice-kufer fluently once again: “dglanim, forward!”

Translated from Hebrew