Colliding during holidays

צילום: דובר צה”ל

During the holidays with Israel travel capzzot and leaping 669 unit when they are called to rescue and evacuate injured hikers. Now they share with readers of the site
The tips that help you avoid encounters with them.

תאריך: 05/04/2015, 12:28    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

It was a time of holidays when hikers set out to explore the river. Two waterfalls spilling across from each other, and to reach the surface,
People had to rappel down. The belts were connected and secure, but all four feet to the surface, malfunction caused one lone losing grip and fall to the ground.
Volunteers who arrived at the scene knew right away who the fastest extraction would be by helicopter, and rescue unit 669 of the air force were called to the scene.

“I remember I flew in a helicopter spotted owl and the remote spot, rescue squad Chief, רס”ל. “Walker had many injuries and fractures. The helicopter landed on top
The waterfall in order not to make a big noise. It’s already a mountain very stressful for him.
This situation is not as simple as just friends you trip mid to a stretcher and cable and putting you on a helicopter “.

For citizens of Israel the holidays can be a good time to relax and rest, but this year the opposite. The heightened alert and haznkot number of rescue warriors leap.
“During the holidays a lot more people are going to travel,” says רס”ל. “It is important they know even
If they need to rescue our cable-lift weight train and dozens of times in these situations. “

Although it is an operational unit that intricate operations of special units, and also wounded during battle, gets 70 percent of its business is in General. “Once there’s a wounded traveler clear actions happens until a mosenk number
The only doctor, Captain k. “The goal is always to bring the injured to a hospital quickly. Sometimes, the car is a better option than a helicopter, but in many cases there is no choice.
But to make a rescue mossek.

There is a big difference between the evacuation of rescue. Evacuating the wounded fighters to the stretcher and taking him to the helicopter. The extraction required more complex cases, for example when injured, stuck in a crevice or in a place that cannot be reached.
Then use the cable unit, ropes and other special equipment in order to rescue him.

If it is a complex event or casualty the rescue helicopter will ch. He’s bigger, able to carry heavy travel and contain large numbers of fighters to help in the rescue. In simpler cases iosenk OWL bird

“Usually the first stage extraction is that the person injured or his friend contact
The police or the most important thing to do is to give very accurate information about the location of the casualty and his physical and met, “adds Captain k. “Looking for burglars, bleeding wounds, fractures and head injuries. And try to keep the wounded in the “high level of stress. “It is important to travel first aid kit equipped with disinfection equipment, bandages and rudimentary. And there must be careful of drinking alcohol during a walk and sleep long before departure. Nobody can know when disaster. “

Translated from Hebrew