Colonel Aviv reshef writes about Lieutenant Amit asulin z l

סגן אסולין ז”ל, במהלך שירותו הצבאי

“I lost many men, but with a colleague that was the first time something my room through the armour and felt something so deep, because of the special bond between us.”

תאריך: 15/04/2013, 16:57    
מחבר: אל”ם אביב רשף

When I entered the company’s position was that the פלחה”ן Noah, while funeral quest 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster, and it was the first time I saw a colleague as a cadet in her 1 to help with the burials. Among the funeral to funeral, met in the company where I spoke for the first time. He made me the impression of someone stronger both physically and mentally. When he graduated in 1, he returned to the company as a team in training.

After he came down to training company where his power by mnaigotit
The expression forming on his staff, and I remember the stories of his friends about him. As the last line when he was killed in South Lebanon, it was the first line but were not caught a company. Our activities included quite deep and quite complex activities inside Lebanon, including bird-dogging holeiot and Amit and his team, “assouline, were stronger.

One of the events we’ve had on set, peer’s team stopped and started in pursuit of the terrorists, I was with another team to join the chase but from elsewhere. When shamach called me and told me he wouldn’t peace team had one in pursuit, he asked what this team, he answered “assouline, t.s. That’s who he was, the guy
I trusted him, and not just in words. Amit was very thorough and independent, was barren predefined things happen and if anything changes he could make the right judgment.

Sunday (25.6.1998), Amit and his team were due to leave, before he walked, talked for half an hour and then we hugged, it was operation
Very complex and said he worried. I walked him to the task until I saw him walk away and disappeared in the Strip when I hear stationed direction blast, came back quickly with Meg and went in to rescue the crew and took them to battle with terrorists. When shalano him on a stretcher into the vehicle tank is up and he’s like “Spring” hurts.

At three o’clock in the morning the crew went to the planned ambush near Tulsa, southern Lebanon, Hizbollah’s proven active against the improvised explosive device. The explosion killed the trunk instead of a colleague, Sgt. Aish colleague and his four other soldiers were wounded and the terrorists started shooting at them, when he injured a colleague kept giving commands. A colleague died on his way to the hospital.

Fighting in Lebanon at the time, many people were killed, over four lines of field crops at the post “pumpkin” killed quite a few officers and soldiers. But with a colleague that was the first time something my room through the armour and felt something so deep, because the. There was something about this guy, the way we looked each other in the eye, through
Her trusted

A month after a colleague was killed off and finished the job, which began and ended in the 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster in the event that killed a colleague and his late aaisha assouline above the tomb of
And his colleague translated dedicated Metallica song, “nothing else matters”.
This song also followed me in my daughter’s birth, called a colleague. And it’s a colleague, Amit asulin, Amit reshef.

The writer is Deputy Commander of Division 80 (80th).

Translated from Hebrew