Colonel Ben Gordin Office as happy place

טקס החילופין, היום. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Colonel Gordin, a former Commander of Sayeret Matkal, in the Colonel
Yehuda Fuchs: “Noah leading the Division in many topics, but the field
Most notable is the quality of its people. “

תאריך: 22/05/2014, 21:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל


Colonel Ben Gordin was appointed today to the Brigade Commander Noah spare ceremony held at Brigade Commander Brigade Memorial in Pardes Hanna, OC Central command,
Gen. Nitzan Alon, Commander of the “steel” decorated Brigadier General nadav, unadulterated Zit popping and controls Division, fighters and family members are welcome.
Colonel Ben Gordin, a former Commander of Sayeret Matkal, in his Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, who served in the role for two years. Colonel Yehuda Fuchs will advance to the rank of Brigadier General and made infantry officer and paratrooper (קחצ”ר).

“On the Division’s flag is the banner of human advantage,” he said at the ceremony the Division Commander.
“This advantage has been demonstrated through action and is a core growing successes and stream
Flows. Judah, the unique way education and compromises the achievement Division
Impressive. The front of the regiment broke through. Evaluation on behalf of Israeli Division and much. Before you play a central role in building the strength of the IDF I sure btbonatch knows
Design your living divisions and paratroopers are given on our future. URI, you receive today, the Division, she and advantages it. I’m sure you and mnaigotit to continue to March the Brigade forward to new achievements.

The Brigade Commander, Colonel URI Gordin, said at the ceremony that “in the last few weeks and I’m learning the Division and found strong and professional. I accept my responsibility to see and to do everything to preserve capabilities
And to promote it “.
The bone marrow, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, also speak at the ceremony. “The Division leads in many diverse fields, training and development of methods of fighting in closed areas and complex advanced practice training, integrating the systems and Navy and the development of methods, techniques and drills to quality intelligence and develops in this age, weeks challenging war etc. But the most striking feature is the quality of its Division. Even in this era of technological developments and sophisticated weapons and sophisticated, yet, was and remains, the most important ingredient in the battlefield, the strength, and mental values, leadership and professional. Great fabric Division, special and unique individuals, and can help them to perform every action and every job. Great responsibility is to charge people with a rare quality.
Significance of this responsibility is to continue to ladle “content human advantage, speak at eye level, act honestly, integrity and respect. At the same time we demand the highest performance level-nothing stands between the Division and the best job and professional. “

Translated from Hebrew