Colonel Hickey Dolph became Commander of the Gaza Division North Division

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Colonel leaking the role replaces Colonel Yaron Finkelman, which is expected to be appointed to the Givati Brigade. From: “ב”צוק “or” the Hamas program of the IDF foiled a malicious implications were numerous strategic meaning. “

תאריך: 29/04/2015, 20:54    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

Today (Wednesday) was appointed Colonel Hickey leaking to North Division Commander in the Gaza Division, replacing Colonel Yaron Finkelman is expected to enter the Chief Givati Brigade. The Exchange ceremony was held at the Division headquarters in the presence of Commander Southern Command Major General Solomon (Sammy) turgeman and Gaza Commander, Brig. Gen. and Adam. “In the last campaign,” Ethan “Cliff IDF increased its southern command, bound and North Division inside Hamas,” malicious program the Division Commander. “The impact of the program and strategic influence is meaningful.”

During the exchanges, the Division Commander the plates last operation and in particular the success of the Northern Division, which headquarters was replaced today. “During ‘ the cliff with them were the first to prepare to fight, and the fire shnsteima to design the line of Defense.
And without a dull moment to apply and prepare for the next war, “Brigadier General Adam and permanent.

The Brigade Commander, Colonel Finkelman expressed full trust in the new Commander and rich experience. “Colonel leaking is a control and moral values”. “We fought together in the Gaza Strip, therefore I appreciate your abilities and civism have been overlooked and that lead and win,” he added. 
“Got to be pkdechm when wage war, and that Supreme Commander test field. Everyone in the field knows that, and constitutions are about him airomm. I did my best and I wish you deserve, “he said. In his speech stressed the Commander leaves the work allow him won’t be easy. “No wonder the way tests are still to come,” he said.

The Brigade Commander, Colonel leaking know he got big shoes and pledged to do everything to fulfill them. “I accept the Northern Brigade command in a sense of responsibility and mission, and to challenge and to lead her in fighting and preparing for her,” he said. “The North Division is one of the leading companies which in many efforts and bloodshed mainly due to its heritage and its people brought strength and confidence and affect so much of the State of Israel and Israeli society,” he added.

Translated from Hebrew