Colonel Shahar Shohat will be appointed commander of air defense

אל”ם שחר שוחט, צילום: חיל האוויר

28 years after he started his career as a soldier, Colonel appointed shochat anti-aircraft commander of air defense command, in charge of the core tasks of the protection.
He replaces in the Colonel Doron gavish

תאריך: 14/06/2012, 13:38    
מחבר: אתר חיל-האוויר

Air Defense command adds a time of new beginnings-first launch iron iron dome battery, ל”שרביט battery unit magic”, “click” new modified value across the.

Today (Thursday) approved the appointment of Colonel Shohat next Commander of air defense command. It is expected to replace Brigadier General Doron gavish, which commands the array since the summer of 2009 and led the process of development and renewal. Colonel Shohat air defense fighter, standing today at the top of the IDF project efficiency in the Planning Department.

Colonel shochat was drafted in 1984. After the consolidation of the pilot course number 110, he came to an array, then still called the PS, and became a warrior. Over the years, he progressed through the ranks, played a number of roles at Headquarters and in the field and was close to absorption of new systems.

The “iron dome” system, for example, he considered another Member of “Bengal” Conference, looking for weapons systems that can give a solution to the rocket fire on Israel. Later, he commanded the wing which was established the first nucleus of the system. “It was definitely a moment of placing,” said the IAF magazine after the successful launch in 2011. “Operating system, the only warriors officials and technicians-acted impeccably and unique operational success
For the first time in the world. The success not only prevents damage to property and injuries, but even helped to prevent similar escalation that led to operation cast lead.

But the Colonel’s strong ל”חץ Shohat is.” He was head of the unit responsible for long-range missile for interception, and was also the head of the branch at headquarters responsible for developing the missile. “The exercises and experiments made in recent years have increased the safety of the next generation of arrow and operational capabilities. The unit itself is a continuous alert and tracks everything that happens in the areas around the immediate surroundings-to. You have to remember that our job is to prepare, train and be prepared.
The day those threats will come to pass. “

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